ODB Brussels is looking for an expert/advisor in the Lean Startup methodology, Pitching Skills for Entrepreneurs, Migrant Entrepreneurship and extensive knowledge on the process and (training) programmes required to incubate and accelerate startup enterprises. 

New business education trends, approaches and methods that facilitate acquisition of necessary knowledge". The event will focus on issues of youth employment in Belarus, requirements set by employers to their future employees, cooperation between institutions of higher education and employers (companies, organizations, enterprises, etc.), identifying areas of improvement for business education in Belarus.

Uladzimir Pryshchepau, Head of the Section of Road Network and Transportation of "Minskhrada", presented the capital city transport development concept to participants of the seminar "New Tools for Integrated Urban and Transport Planning", explaining why preference should be given to rail transport. These are the provisions of the new 2030 Minsk general development plan.

With each passing year Belarus is becoming more and more urbanized, and the growth of its cities goes hand in hand with the ever increasing mobility of its population. Experience of foreign countries demonstrates that city authorities should be concerned not just with ensuring comfort for motorists but also with building a sustainable urban mobility system convenient for all social groups.

Participants of the seminar "New Tools for Integrated Urban and Transport Planning", which was held in Minsk, discussed how to switch from traditional planning to innovative approaches. Jerome Simpson, Senior Expert at Smart Cities and Mobility programme (Budapest, Hungary), was one of the foreign experts invited to the event. He presented international urban mobility trends which can also be relevant to Belarus.

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