On May 6, 2015, Belarusian State University (Minsk) hosted an international seminar "European Studies: Educational and Scientific Dimension". Doctor Abel Polese (Belgium), Research Associate at the Free University of Brussels (VUB), and Mantas Bileišis (Lithuania), Associate Professor at the Institute of Public Administration of Mykolas Romeris University gave presentations about possible ways to create successful training programmes in cooperation with Western universities and to make education more cost effective.

On April 29, a sectoral discussion "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Small and Medium Businesses". Experts from Belarus and Ukraine, as well as representatives of the private sector, international and Belarusian state institutions, discussed application of CSR principles in small and medium enterprises to develop commercial companies and ensure their economic growth. The discussion in Minsk was organized by the ODB (Brussels) in partnership with the Association of European Business (Minsk).

On April 25, a sectoral discussion "Problems and Prospects for Youth Entrepreneurship in Belarus" was held in Minsk. Belarusian expert Sergey Chalyi, author and host of  "Economics in Layman's Terms" (TUT.BY) programme, attended the meeting with young entrepreneurs and students to give a talk on how to start a new business and what is the secret of startups. The discussion was held within the framework of Belarusian youth festival on economics and entrepreneurship "Ladder of Success".

On April 24, Minsk hosted the first "round table" within the framework of the EU/UNDP project "Support to Local Development in the Republic of Belarus". Participants of the meeting – representatives of local authorities of Minsk region and the region's civil society organizations – reviewed case studies of international technical aid projects that were implemented in Belarus and discussed preparation for the 1st Contest of Local Initiatives. Clearing House consultants are currently providing support in preparing and filling in applications for the contest.

Sectoral discussion "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Small and Medium Businesses" will be held in Minsk on April 29. How can you make your business more effective and competitive? How to increase efficiency and performance of your employees? Is CSR needed just for PR or is it a functional business instrument? Experts from Ukraine and Belarus will speak about possibilities that come to small and medium businesses with implementation of CSR, including during economic crisis.

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