On 8 October 2015, Svetlana Alexievich became the first belarusian writer who recieved the Nobel Prize in Literature. This woman is one of the most (if not the most) published contemporary Belarusian authors. Her books have been translated and printed in more than 20 countries. However, today most of the new editions of Svetlana Alexievich’s works first see the world through publishing outside of Belarus. Congratulations!

Which crowdfunding platforms work in Belarus? How can one use local fundraising to raise funds for CSOs? How should one work with businesses and talk to sponsors? ODB Brussels in partnership with the Support Programme of Belarus of the Federal Government of Germany  has organized an expert seminar for non-profit organizations who wanted to learn to raise funds and resources for their projects in Belarus.

What are circular economy and sharing economy? How is couchsurfing and cycling infrastructure related to sustainable development? How do EU countries strive for sustainable use of resources and why are green models effective for business only in partnership with NGOs? Participants of the 'Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle: Small Steps, Big Change?' seminar compared Belarusian and European experience.

In November 2014, ODB Brussels in cooperation with the National Institute for Higher Education organized a seminar on the opportunities of accession and cooperation with Magna Charta Universitatum Observatory, with input from representatives of this reputable international organization. Last week International University "MITSO" became the first institution of higher education in Belarus to sign the Magna Charta of the European Universities. The signing took place during the international conference "Values Beyond 2015: The Global Challenge for Universities and their Students" which was held on September 17-18 in Bologna (Italy).

TEXTS ADOPTED Provisional edition

The European Parliament,
– having regard to its previous resolutions and recommendations on Belarus,
– having regard to the Eastern Partnership summit held in Riga in May 2015 and to its declaration,
– having regard to the dialogue on human rights between the European Union and the Republic of Belarus of 28 July 2015 (Read more)

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