This summer’s crisis in eastern Ukraine has made the European Union and Belarus keen to develop a more constructive relationship with each other. Although there are still major obstacles to meaningful rapprochement, Belarus is not nearly as immobile or isolated from the West as most analysts think.

This year the 2nd European Intercultural Festival was held under a slogan “Getting to know each other better”. During 10 days of exhibitions, movie and photo shows, discussions and lectures, master-classes and presentations in Minsk, Hrodna, Mahilyou and Brest hundreds of participants united by the Festival had a chance to learn more about the culture of Belarus, Germany, Georgia, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and other countries.

The European Intercultural Festival concluded with a series of lectures on “Bologna” reforms in higher education and possibilities of informal studies in Europe and Scandinavia. Among other events of this week are volunteering, struggling against gender stereotypes, basics of individual application for studying abroad.

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