How do you attract tourists to Minsk? Masha Charakova and her team think that you need to tell people about the uniquely eclectic city, where each district has its own unique flavour. A few months before the government allowed five-day visa-free travel to Belarus for foreigners, a group of enthusiasts and lovers of Minsk decided to create Minsk in Socks, an English-language guide book for foreigners. This guide will make any tourist feel as cozy, comfortable and calm in this city as grandchildren feel in the warm woolly socks knitted by their granny. Part of the books is already written and illustrated, but additional funds are required to finish the work. That is why the girls have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Within the framework of the V Accessibility Week, which is held from May 15 to 21 in Minsk and coordinated by the Office for the Rights of People with Disabilities, ODB Brussels (Belgium) and Social Business Technologies organized a round table on employment of people with disabilities in Belarus. On May 16, representatives of state structures, non-commercial and public organizations, and social entrepreneurs from Minsk, Svetlahorsk and Stolin came together to discuss existing problems and possible solutions.

A number of master classes have been organized in Minsk for participants of the Biz4all social entrepreneurship programme within the framework of "Social Entrepreneurship Incubator". On April 22, participants heard from Viktar Velesnitsky, whose company collects used greenhouse film from residents of the Stolin region, and from Dmitry Klimkovich, who has organized courses for the elderly. Lawyer Vitaly Paulagradsky described some of the legal aspects you need to be aware of when you create your own company, while a business game allowed participants to tackles the urgent needs of their social enterprises.

“You think crowdfunding is fun? Well, think again. You’ll need to work hard and be prepared to receive mixed feedback”, says Maria Cheryakova, a social entrepreneur from the Netherlands and author of Heta Belarus Dzietka!" book. She spoke about organizing a successful crowdfunding campaign on April 23 in Minsk, when she held a master class for participants of Biz4All programme organized within the framework of the “Social Entrepreneurship Incubator”.

According to German philosopher Immanuel Kant, all human knowledge begins with intuitions, proceeds from thence to concepts, and ends with ideas. Participants of the summer training on social entrepreneurship for youth and teenagers "SEI Youth. My first business" started with ideas. With the help of coaches, last summer 30 schoolchildren from different cities of the country designed concept plans for six business ideas. Now, after six months, we decided to analyze what and how they have managed to implement.

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