Brief annotation to the publication "Affordable Green Technologies for Local Communities in Uzbekistan", prepared within the framework of the project "Innovative Uzbekistan".

In different parts of the world, including Uzbekistan, technologies have already been developed and are being applied to help local communities’ adaptation to the climate change. It is important to analyze the needs and potential of specific communities and find out what solutions are already available at the local, national and international levels.  The publication «Affordable Green Technologies for Local Communities in Uzbekistan» will guide you through the existing opportunities.

We analyzed in the first material from the Summer School of the "Innovative Uzbekistan" project what is "fundraising" and how NGOs build relationships with local businesses. We remind that in Russian, instead of the term “fundraising”, one can use “raising funds and resources”, and call a “fundraiser” a “specialist in raising funds and resources”. Read the first part of the material at the link.

Local and international support in the form of grant programs is one of the main sources of funding for the activities of NGOs. But in recent decades, fundraising has also become increasingly popular in post-Soviet countries. This is another way of finding money for social and socially useful activities, which consists in the interaction of business and NGOs.

Trainer Jeff Lovit introduces the third partner of the Innovative Uzbekistan project, the New Diplomacy non-profit organization (Czech Republic). Jeff has known many participants of the program since the Winter School, which took place in January in Tashkent.

Another important cross-cutting value of the project, which is increasingly found in the requirements for writing a project application, is concern for the ecology and the environment. There can be a lot of aspects here, but first you need to understand: how can holding an educational event on any topic in general affect the environment? We figured it out at the Summer School.

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