Within the framework of the EU-funded Biz4all Social Entrepreneurship Incubator programme, which is implemented by ODB Brussels in partnership with TNU Network University, Natallia Tarasava and a team of enthusiasts from Mahileu have presented their project “ProDobro”  (literally translated as “About Kindness”), which aims to open a pet store with a constant showcase of shelter animals to find them a permanent home and a loving family.

Kseniya Kireeva has entered her third year of social design studies at BSU.  This is a fairly new specialty at the university, which is about creating and managing social projects. However, according to the graduate of the First Social Entrepreneurship School for Teenagers “SEI Youth. My First Business”, organized by Belarusian Youth Public Union "New Faces" and ODB Brussels within the framework of the EU-funded project “Social Entrepreneurship  Incubator”, the university course lacks focus on business skills and a non-formal approach. Kseniya was able to learn both of those during the school for teenagers. Kseniya talked to ODB Brussels about her social project on inclusive theatre.

ODB Brussels covered the social business "Regular Charity Races “Angels’ Wings” in Minsk” in our article “Biz4all. Only Forward: Angels' Wings Team Organizes Regular Athletics Races”. Two months ago, organizers and competitors Dmitry Timashkou, Irina Dergach and Dmitry's daughter Lilia started a crowdfunding campaign on ulej.by to raise funds fly to Green Bay (USA) as part of their homework assignment for Biz4all "Social Entrepreneurship Incubator" programme, which is implemented by ODB Brussels and TNU Network University with support from the European Union. The team was planning to take part in a charity race in the state of Wisconsin and bring a new wheelchair to their club. The campaign ended successfully a month ago, and the running team have already come back from the USA. Dmitry and Irina speak to ODB Brussels about the crowdfunding campaign, their expectations for the overseas trip and the reality.

Hanna Hrydziushka came to the EU-funded Biz4all Social Incubator Entrepreneurship programme with the initiative to organize English-language tours of Minsk within the framework of Heta Belarus, Dzietka! project. It is an in-demand line of business which does not have a lot of competition at the moment. Its main social mission is to promote the culture of Belarus in Europe, promote the positive image of our country abroad and break down negative stereotypes. The target audience is not just young people but European retirees as well.


On June 28, Minsk hosted the first Belarusian social business forum “Social Business – Best Innovative Practices and Opportunities for Social Investment” dedicated to the International Day of Social Business, which has been celebrated annually since 2010. The event showcased the best Belarusian and international social business practices and presented new social investment opportunities. The Forum was divided into two parts: the first one discussed social enterprises of Belarus, and the second gave the floor to representatives of the best domestic and international CSR projects. Read a detailed report from first part of the event here.

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