Are you concerned about a particular social problem? Do you want to use business tools to try to solve it? Have you got an idea for ​​a social enterprise that you want to develop and implement? Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills? Benefit from your summer holidays by taking part in the second summer school on social entrepreneurship for Belarusian teenagers "SEI Youth: My First Business", to be held in Minsk from July 7 to August 6, 2017. The event will be organized by Belarusian Youth Public Union "New Faces" and ODB Brussels with support from the European Union.

“Essential Capital” is yet another company taking part in the Biz4all Social Entrepreneurship Incubator  programme, which is organized with support from the EU. Dmitry Klimkovich, who created the business, is an energetic young man with kind eyes and a lot of ideas. I meet him in the Administration of Moskovsky District of Minsk, where “Printing Laboratory”, the small social enterprise, is located. It is being remodelled, because after a year Dmitry is planning to expand the company and open a new line of business. While the employees are assembling shelves and arranging goods, Dmitry tells me about the opportunities for developing a social business in Belarus.

Team "Angels' Wings", now taking part in the Biz4All Social Entrepreneurship Incubator programme organized with support from the European Union, was created two years ago by Dmitry Timashkou. He is the director of Angels' Wings team and brings up daughter Lilia with severe disability. In 2015, Dmitry took Lilia in a wheelchair to run the Minsk half-marathon for the first time. “

We continue to cover the ventures launched by participants of the Biz4all Social Entrepreneurship Incubator programme supported by the European Union. In this article we offer you to take a virtual tour of the training workshop of the social atelier “Silver Swan” in Brest, where hard-working seamstresses carefully create stylish and modern masterpieces from fabric. The social atelier was founded by Aksana Shirko in cooperation with Dubael Gildas, her friend and colleague from France.

Biz4all social entrepreneurship training programme, which is implemented by ODB Brussels within the framework of the Social Entrepreneurship Incubator with support from the European Union, has already launched many sustainable social initiatives. Today, there are 30 teams left in the programme, all of them solving social problems, such as employment of people with disabilities, conservation of the environment and sustainable development, preservation of culture, integration of children with special needs, and many others. The teams have participants from all over Belarus. Today we are covering Diana Sivitskaya, who lives and works in Minsk.

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