Educational Club for Women "Miriya”  is one of the projects that went to the grand final of the first Biz4all programme (watch video from the final). Founders of the course are candidates of psychology sciences, practical specialists with a lot of experience and work history — Yelena Aliakhnovich and Tatiana Nedvetskaya. According to the creators, they were always enthusiastic and willing to organize therapy groups but lacked business skills. Who needs these courses, what is taught there and where their social focus is —"Miriya" creators spoke about all this to ODB Brussels.

Civil society activists often provide help to stray animals, but can this socially beneficial activity have a business edge to it? Creators of the “Mops Shmops” project, who are taking part in the Biz4all social entrepreneurship school, are convinced that it can. Natalia Bublei and Vitaly Paulahradsky offer home made high-quality healthy dog treats. All the ingredients are certified for human consumption and have a vet’s seal of approval. Natalia and Vitaly plan to send 10% of the profits to support animal rights organizations. When they need to expand their work, the couple will employ people with disabilities.

Natallia Kuntsevich, a vigorous and lively woman, is a lawyer by trade and a compassionate person by nature. Together with her team, Natallia took part in the Biz4all programme, with the idea changing three times throughout. As a result, during the final pitch she presented her latest idea, which was to collect plastic bottle caps, send them for recycling and then use the money to pay for treatment of critically ill children. At the end of 2017, by the Biz4all final, the team only had an idea and their passion, and by spring of 2018 they are already preparing for their project launch.

Kate Tikota and her eight-month-old son Zahar greet me on a weekday in the studio — a large cosy attic in the city centre, where customers can try on TIKOTA UNIQUE clothes. The team takes part in the Biz4all-2 programme with one of the brand branches, TIKOTA INCLUSIVE. Kate, who created the brand, tells us over a cup of fragrant herbal tea how selling stylish designer clothes can have a social focus.

Biz4all-2 training is part of the “Social Entrepreneurship Incubator” programme, organized by ODB Brussels (Belgium) in partnership with TNU Network University (Netherlands) with financial support from the European Union.

Last December, Barauliany institution “Leisure  Centre for Adults and Children “EcoZhizn” (“EcoLife”) turned two years old. At the moment, the centre occupies a large space of 80 sq. meters with authentic Indian furniture. It is here that we meet its founder Aksana Bernatskaya to talk about her reasons to participate in the Biz4all-2 social entrepreneurship programme and plans to develop leisure opportunities for adults and children in Barauliany.

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