Biz4all social entrepreneurship training programme consists of online and offline training events. Online assignments help participants to learn the theory and get better at practical things, while offline events provide opportunities to meet experts, gain experience and constant useful communication. On May 5-6, during the second day of the offline session dedicated to crowdfunding, the teams got deeper and deeper into the ins and outs of money raising activities.

Crowdfunding is a way to test a business, whether it is social or not, and check if your product or service can find paying customers. Yet another offline training of the Biz4all-2 programme, held in Minsk on May 5-6, offered the teams a chance to learn from crowdfunding experts, and find out how to hold a successful campaign and why failing to raise the target amount is also a positive result.

Biz4all-2 training is part of the "Social Entrepreneurship Incubator” programme organized by ODB Brussels (Belgium) in partnership with TNU Network University (Netherlands) with financial support from the European Union.

Aksana Shauchenka has managed the Homel company "Meteorite Plus", which employs people with disabilities, for more than ten years now. The company is a well-established market player producing high-quality educational toys and sports playing modules from environmentally friendly materials using the latest expertise in children's psychology and teaching methods. Aksana spoke to Biz4all-2 teams about the most valuable lessons she learnt over the years: common mistakes social entrepreneurs make in Belarus and how to avoid them.

On the second day of marketing and sales training, teams of the Biz4all social entrepreneurship training programme studied and practiced the method of story modelling, used to promote new products and services on the market. Participants were introduced to this technique by Darya Reutovich, a coach from the Netherlands, who is also one of the mentors of this year’s teams.

Lidya Piatrova from Minsk and Olga Galamaka from Mahileu came to Biz4all-2 social entrepreneurship training programme with an idea they were already implementing: natural farming. Lidya works in Minsk and has created Sianie (“Shining”) gardening centre, which, in addition to selling gardening-related goods, also provides advice to customers and organizes a natural farming school — all the while keeping a very chill and friendly atmosphere, where every customer feels like a welcome guest and can receive answers to all of their questions.

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