Aksana Bernatskaya, a graduate of our Biz4all-2 social entrepreneurship school, is working tirelessly together with her colleagues to shape up the local community and create an inclusive, welcoming space for everyone. EcoZhizn” (“EcoLife”) leisure centre for adults and children has grown to include a mini kindergarten, a theatre studio and an inclusive workshop, as well as many other activities held all year round.

Another team of graduates from our social entrepreneurship school Biz4all-2, Hanna and Andrei Verbitsky, live in the village of Mikhalova near Lahoisk and are owners of the Dymki creative space. The family moved to the village from the city, and they have been trying to bring the local community together and make suburban life more diverse. Over the past 10 months since the space opened, the Verbitskys have set  up the first playground in the village, organized a big family picnic and alternative New Year performances, and have regularly welcomed guests from the capital city.

Centre for Active Ageing (CAA) has operated in Minsk for more than a year now. It was set up by graduates of the first Biz4all social entrepreneurship school who have experience both in business and the social sphere. In early spring, the Centre has changed location, and the selection of courses and master classes has been expanded. Yelena Dziamidava, director of the Centre, has spoken to ODB Brussels about their top course which is really popular — Modelling”.

Almost a year has now passed since participants of the Biz4all-2 social entrepreneurship school finished their training. It is always a pleasure for us to watch the resulting projects grow, and today ODB Brussels has spoken to Karina Sitnik, director of “Walk to Folk”travel company, about their new Chernobyl route, team collaboration and sources of inspiration.

In summer 2018, Minsk welcomed an interesting social initiative —  art café “Insider”. Kseniya Halubovich and Ulliana Drazhina came up with the idea during another day at the office. Kseniya and Ulliana work in an organization called “Kanikuly”, which provides support to adults receiving treatment in the Navinki psychoneurological department in Minsk.

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