Hanna Hrydziushka came to the EU-funded Biz4all Social Incubator Entrepreneurship programme with the initiative to organize English-language tours of Minsk within the framework of Heta Belarus, Dzietka! project. It is an in-demand line of business which does not have a lot of competition at the moment. Its main social mission is to promote the culture of Belarus in Europe, promote the positive image of our country abroad and break down negative stereotypes. The target audience is not just young people but European retirees as well.


On June 28, Minsk hosted the first Belarusian social business forum “Social Business – Best Innovative Practices and Opportunities for Social Investment” dedicated to the International Day of Social Business, which has been celebrated annually since 2010. The event showcased the best Belarusian and international social business practices and presented new social investment opportunities. The Forum was divided into two parts: the first one discussed social enterprises of Belarus, and the second gave the floor to representatives of the best domestic and international CSR projects. Read a detailed report from first part of the event here.

On June 28, when the world celebrates the International Day of Social Business, Minsk hosted the First Belarusian Social Business Forum. The day was packed with events, including speeches from successful representatives of Belarusian social businesses, presentations from guests from Russia and the Netherlands, informal networking between representatives of large commercial and social companies of Belarus. More than 20 Belarusian social companies showcased their products at the Social Business Alley. A representative of the Russian foundation "Our Future"  underscored that social entrepreneurship has been actively developing in Belarus over the past several years and that these are important steps towards future victories.

The second floor of a 1912 building in the historic centre accommodates three cozy rooms of "Portal" Recreation and Development Centre. Being the perfect hosts, Ivan Petushok, who manages the project, and coordinator Anastasiya Grigoruk, greet me with a smile at the foot of stairs to the second floor. They started to lovingly create the space with their own hands a few years ago. Then, Ivan tells us, it became clear that they lack business skills to develop the business further. He saw the ODB Brussels newsletter advertising the "Social Entrepreneurship Incubator”. That is how the Hrodna team became an active participant of the EU-funded Biz4all programme.

The team of the village of Aksakauschyna of Minsk district led by Maria Daschynskaya is taking part in the EU-funded Biz4all Social Entrepreneurship Incubator programme. The main goal of the team is to create a social enterprise “Vozmozhno Vse” (“Everything is Possible”) in the village. The enterprise will be a rural development centre, which will provide a platform to develop infrastructure, entrepreneurship and additional informal education of the local population. Such activities are necessary to ensure interaction between the villagers and unite the local community to resolve their urgent problems.

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