The 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum in Riga

The 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum is organised by the Agency of International Programs for Youth, which is the Latvian National Agency of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme, in cooperation with the European Commission, the Latvian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Education and Science and other stakeholders. The Forum will be held in Riga (Latvia) from 9 to 11 February 2015.

 This conference is organised in the context of Latvia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU and the Eastern Partnership Platform 4 'Contacts between people'.

The final results of the Forum will be presented in the 4th Eastern Partnership Summit which will take place in Riga/Latvia in May 2015.

The 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum will showcase and further develop the Eastern Partnership and Erasmus+ Programme countries' joint youth cooperation. The Forum will provide space to discuss and recommend steps to be taken as regards young people's employability in this context with a focus on:

  • Mobility and partnership programmes (European Union, Council of Europe, United Nations and other programmes);
  • Cross-sectorial cooperation;
  • Exchange of good practices (innovative ideas);
  • Youth policy development.

The 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum will: 1) foster sharing of good practices between participants of the Forum in the field of cross-sectorial cooperation; 2) fllow for a critical analysis of the above mentioned good practices and explore ways to adapt them to different realities; 3) map challenges the various sectors face and discuss how cross-sectorial cooperation can foster the employability of young people; 4) emphasise the impact of youth work and its relevance for the labour market; 5) raise awareness for quality demands for mobility programmes supporting employability of young people; 6) work on policy recommendations to improve youth employability/employment.

Representatives/participants should have one of the following profiles:
•    Young person active in youth organisations;
•    Youth worker;
•    Researcher;
•    Ministerial representative;
•    Representative of business field (unions, employers’ organisations, job services etc.);
•    Representative of formal education;
•    Young journalist willing to spread the word about the 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum.

The call is open for participants from Erasmus+ Programme countries and Eastern Partnership countries who:
•    Can communicate in English or Russian;
•    Are at least 18 years old;
•    Can commit to actively take part in the preparation phase before the Forum by looking for and sharing good practices, stating opinions on the themes of the Forum and getting acquainted with background policy planning documents;
•    Have the opportunity to apply and multiply the experiences and learning after the Forum.

The 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum will be mainly held in English. Simultaneous interpretation from and to Russian/English will be provided in the plenary sessions.

A preliminary draft programme of the 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum is available online.

All costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered, except a participation fee which varies from country to country. For EaP countries all travel expenses will be covered. For more information, please, contact Vladislava Skele by phone: +371 67358069, or by e-mail:

Application deadline is the 31th of October 2014. Follow this web-link to apply.