The 2nd European Migration Forum (Brussels)

The European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee are launching the call for interest to participate to the 2nd meeting of the European Migration Forum, which will take place on 6-7 April 2016.

The European Migration Forum is a platform for dialogue between civil society and the European institutions on issues related to migration, asylum and integration of third-country nationals.

The theme of the meeting will be legal/labour migration, as a follow up to the Legal Migration Package that will be presented by the Commission in March 2016.

The workshops will include such subjects as:

  • low and medium skilled migrant workers (what else beyond the Blue Card?);
  • undeclared work and exploitation of migrants;
  • domestic and care work;
  • access of refugees and asylum seekers to the labour market, including the issue of recognition of qualifications.

Other topic suggested by participants can also be considered.

To apply, please, complete the application form and send it to no later than 11 January 2016, together with a scanned copy of the registration certificate of your organisation in your country. For more information, please, click here.