The Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund Grant Opportunity

The Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund, a joint initiative between Bertha Foundation and BRITDOC, is the first European-based outreach and engagement fund, and is open to filmmakers from around the world.

The fund is looking to support smart, strategic outreach campaigns for ambitious independent documentary films with a social issue at their core; films which have the ability to achieve real change on a local, regional or global level.

The grants are available to filmmakers from around the world and are in range of 5,000 to 50,000 GBR. These grants  will support projects that are:

  • completed or almost completed films;
  • funding a strategic summit with potential partners including media, NGOs Foundations and Campaigners, to identify target audiences and brainstorm how best to use the film to augment existing campaign strategies;
  • the development and production of school curriculum packs;
  • support for design and build of innovative online tools to enhance audience engagement;
  • funding for strategic screening tours: through schools, universities and relevant community groups, for political or corporate lobbying.

To apply online, please, follow the link. Application deadline is 1 September 2014. For more information, please, visit the official website.