Consumer Desire and Modernity in Eastern Europe: Conference in US

The conference "The Pleasures of Backwardness: Consumer Desire and Modernity in Eastern Europe" will take place in University of California Berkeley (United States), 23-25 April 2015.

This conference will bring together junior and senior scholars to examine the place of consumption, entertainment and leisure in Eastern Europe and to explore the implications of the latest consumer studies for the region’s wider history. Not only in state socialism did consumption lend flexibility and creativity to a system commonly thought of as stagnant and stultified.

Ten participants and a number of senior scholars will be invited to discuss new research and provide expert feedback.

Eligibility: participants between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, linked to an organization or network. While lodging and a portion of travel will be covered by the event’s organizers, participants should try, wherever possible, to obtain funding from their home university.

Candidates should send a short CV and a brief summary (250-500 words) of their papers to event organizer at by October 31, 2014.