Creative Youth Goes International 2014 (Berlin)

New Faces organisation seeks in Minsk volunteers (one group leader (no age limit) and four participants (18-25 years old) for Youth Exchange. Under the motto “Creative Youth Goes International” creative and artistic young people interested in coming together from three neighboring partner countries in Eastern Europe and from 3 EU countries to act collectively in workshops and creative exchange (September 15-25 2014).

The aim of this project is to cultivate their own cultural expressions and develop together with other young people, as well as to exchange views on the media arts, music, dance, video, etc, and to communicate. As part of the topic, the teenagers will become clear about the importance of preserving the cultural heritage and in this regard resulting from the EU Treaty obligation and the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Furthermore, at the hub of the importance of migration and the often accompanying “erosion” of cultural identity for the currency of the European Union and the eastern neighbours. Finally, the young people are among others also deal with the question of what role their generation in the development of the European Union and its neighborly relations to neighboring European countries.

Deadline: August 9, 2014. An obligatory fee for participants - 50 Euro. The organisers will reimburse 70% of participants' travel costs from home city to Berlin, 100% of visa costs and provide accommodation and meals. Application form is available here.

By new-faces.