Culture Coding EaP — Call for Experts

Centre for Cultural Management in partnerships with:

    Centre for Social Innovations (CSI) – Belarus
    Charity and Support Fund “Flying University” – Belarus-Lithuania
    International Foundation LEA – Georgia
    Centre for Cultural Policies – Moldova
    European Cultural Foundation (ECF) – The Netherlands

Announce the call for experts to participate in the “Culture coding EaP” project, aimed at the development of the concepts and road maps for national cultural policy in Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Two experts per country are being sought from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and one expert is sought from Belarus.

Requirements for the experts:

    Experience in cultural policy research or implementation in the home country. International experience will be an advantage.
    Ability to think and act holistically and strategically.
    Deep understanding of the link and interdependence between individual and national culture, values, identity, security.
    Capability to work in an international team.
    Fluency in either English or Russian language.
    Citizenship of Belarus, Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine.
    Ability to work in the project since September till November 2015.

Preference will be given to candidates having work experience in other sectors in addition to the cultural one, as new cultural policy of those countries needs to be broad and inter-sectoral, targeting each citizen and not being limited with cultural sector only.

Experts will be selected on the basis of motivation letters and CVs to be submitted to by 27 July 2015. The documents should be either in English or Russian.

Though the continuous work on the project will start since September only, the selected experts will be asked to start thinking on the concepts of national cultural policy since August already, so that in September they are able to suggest concrete ideas for the documents.

Selected experts and project partners will have to complete the major part of the concepts and road maps for national cultural policy of their countries by the next annual assembly of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum to be held in Kyiv on 20-21 November 2015.

The budget of the project envisages honoraria for experts and their participation in the working meetings in Minsk (September) and Lviv (November).

The project is financed by the European Union and the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. More details on the project are provided here.