Energy Club Invites to Learn from Austrian Experience in Energy Efficiency and RES

Dear Colleagues,

The Energy Club starts a series of events dedicated to the EU policy in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (RES).
The first meeting of the series will take place on 26 February in Minsk and will cover the following issues:

•    EU climate and energy package 20-20-20;
•    EU energy efficiency directive;
•    Implemenation fo EU requirements in Austria;
•    EU roadmaps until 2050;
•    Austrian long-term perspectives;
•    Current discussions about the road until 2030.

The invited speaker, Professor Herbert Lechner, Deputy Executive Director of the Austrian Energy Agency and its chief scientific officer will guide the Belarusian colleagues through the EU Climate and Energy Policy suggesting practical examples of how Austria deals with the energy security challenges and what it does to meet the Commission’s  20/20/20 targets.

The event is organised in the frames of the ODB EU-Belarus Task-Force programme and is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).
Belarusian experts in energy issues are welcomed to participate.

The Energy Club is a joint initiative by the Office for a Democratic Belarus (Brussels, Belgium) and the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (Vilnius, Lithuania) launched in Minsk in October 2009 with the aim of creating a permanent platform for the discussion of the most pressing challenges facing Belarus’ energy sector, with the participation of both government-affiliated and independent experts from Belarus, the EU and other countries of the region. In 2012, the Energy Club shifted its focus to studying best implementing practices of energy security and renewable energy sources in Europe.

The Austrian Energy Agency is the national centre of excellence for energy. New technologies, renewable energy, and energy efficiency are the focal points of our scientific activities. The objectives of our work for the public and the private sector are the sustainable production and use of energy and energy supply security. We are an independent think tank that manages knowledge, provides the basis for well-founded decision making, and develops suggestions for the implementation of energy-related measures and projects.