International Scholarly Conference 2015 in Budapest (Hungary)

New call for papers for the international scholarly meeting under planning with the special focus on "The Social Sciences since 1945 in East and West : Continuities, Discontinuities, Institutionalization and Internationalization".

In most countries of the European continent World War II constitutes a break and the post-war period a new start in the history of the Social Sciences. In Western democracies the post-war history of the Social Sciences is marked by the parallel expansion – especially since the 1960s – of the whole higher educational provision and the disciplinary specializations of Social studies, including the emergence of new scholarly paradigms, new institutional settings, new ways of funding investigations, new associations of scholars, the multiplication of specialists, experts, students, academics and teaching personnels of different levels.

The meeting, scheduled for 27-29 April 2015, is jointly organised by members of the INTERCO-SSH research project (sponsored by the European Commission in Bruxelles) and Pasts Inc. Centre for Historical Research of the History Department of the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. The venue will be at the Central European University.

International scholars can apply. Board and travel expenses of selected participants are expected to be covered by the conveners. Contacts: Victor Karady (Central European University, Budapest),; Peter Tibor Nagy (John Wesley College, Budapest),; Balázs Trencsényi (Central European University, Budapest), Deadline is November 10, 2014.