ODIHR is recruiting for Adviser on Anti-Trafficking Issues (Warsaw)

This position is open for secondment only and participating States are kindly reminded that all costs in relation to assignment at OSCE/ODIHR must be borne by their authorities.
Candidates should, prior to applying, verify with their respective nominating authority to which extent financial remuneration and/or benefit packages will be offered. Seconded staff members in the OSCE Secretariat and Institutions are not entitled to a Board and Lodging Allowance payable by the Organization.

The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) is the principal institution of the OSCE responsible for the human dimension.  The ODIHR is active throughout the OSCE area in the fields of election observation, democratic development, human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination, and the rule of law. The ODIHR's assistance projects and other activities are implemented in participating States in accordance with ODIHR's mandate.

In accordance with the ODIHR mandate, the Human Rights Department (HRD) assists participating States in fulfilling their obligations to protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms. Areas of work covered by the Department include monitoring and analysis of human rights developments in the OSCE area and the provision of expertise and technical assistance to enhance compliance with human dimension commitments; supporting the development of effective human rights education and capacity building; enhancing the protection of human rights while countering terrorism; addressing the relationship between human rights, gender and the security sector; promoting freedom of religion or belief, and emphasizing human rights aspects of combating trafficking in human beings.

Tasks and Responsibilities
Under the supervision of the Head of Human Rights Department, the Adviser on Anti-Trafficking Issues will perform the following functions:

- Contributing to the development and regular review of the ODIHR's anti-trafficking efforts as per relevant OSCE Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (CTHB) commitments and ODIHR taskings;  identifying key areas of concerns through monitoring of developments in law, policy and practice and assessing the impact of anti-trafficking work.

- Identifying, designing, implementing and evaluating targeted anti-trafficking projects, to include identifying priority areas, target groups, partners and most effective means and associated budgets for addressing key anti-trafficking issues; conducting assessment visits and consultations with relevant institutions, especially the OSCE Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (OSR/CTHB), and field operations (FOs); planning workshops, developing evaluation mechanisms, and preparing donor reports.

- Co-operating with all relevant colleagues and units to ensure internal co-ordination of CTHB efforts; maintaining relationships with international and national governmental and non-governmental actors, and independent experts, and liaising with the OSR/CTHB, the anti-trafficking focal points in the OSCE field operations and local implementing partners across the OSCE region.

- Analysing and monitoring public policy, legislation, State practices and OSCE documentation affecting areas related to trafficking and human rights, particularly concerning: the establishment of "National Referral Mechanisms", strategies to identify and protect trafficked persons and support trafficked persons' access to justice and remedies, and the protection of human rights in the return of trafficked persons.

- Providing advice and recommendations to the ODIHR management and colleagues and to the OSR/CTHB on anti-trafficking issues as required.

- Participating and representing the ODIHR in relevant meetings when requested.

- Contributing to the overall work of Human Rights Department, including deployment to human rights assessment missions as required.

Necessary Qualifications&

- First-level university degree in social sciences, law, or another related field.

- A minimum of 6 years of relevant professional experience, with at least 2 in an international organization.

- Excellent knowledge of trafficking in human beings and human rights issues.

- Strong project management and implementation experience in relation to countering trafficking in human beings.

- Excellent oral and written communication skills in English; knowledge of other language(s) relevant to the OSCE region, particularly Russian, is an asset.

- Ability to take initiative and propose innovative approaches and solutions.

- Excellent communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills; excellent team player.

- Familiarity with anti-trafficking stakeholders.

- Ability and willingness to deploy to the field, sometimes on short notice, for various types of monitoring missions, including in situations of heightened risk.

- Ability to work with people of different nationalities, religions or cultural backgrounds.

- Demonstrated gender awareness and sensitivity, and an ability to integrate a gender perspective into tasks and activities, including those related to vulnerable groups.

This post is open for secondment. Candidates are requested to apply through the OSCE desk of the respective Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Delayed nominations will not be considered.

Deadline for applications: 5 January 2016. For more details, please, click here.

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