Opening of the European Solidarity Centre in Poland

Everybody who likes to help, everybody for whom the ideals of Polish Solidarity are important and everybody who isinterested in the life of the city Gdańsk can become a volunteer at the opening of the European Solidarity Centre on the 30th-31st of August 2014. The Regional Volunteer Centre in Gdansk supports us in conducting the recruitment of volunteers by sharing their experience and back office.

The scope of volunteers’ duties:

Post: Picnic
Job description:
Volunteers acting in this area will serve at four positions where each visitor will be able to prepare by oneself a souvenir from the Opening. In addition, for the youngest guests, volunteers will run backyard games at each point. Taking into account the specificity of this action, the volunteer should be anopen and communicative person. The person acting in this capacity should also like contact with children.
Post: The City Game
Job Description: The task is to support the organizers of the game at the starting point. Volunteers will be responsible for passing the card game, commanding the most important information, controlling the routes and participant’straffic. At this point, volunteers must demonstrate flexibility and autonomy.
Post: Permanent Exhibition
Job Description:
Volunteers in this area will support guides of the exhibition. Among guides there will be well-known artists,members of opposition and the exhibition’s authors. Volunteers would take care of the smooth flow of people and will provide guests with information and directions.A communicative knowledge of English, openness and personal culture are important in this job.
Post: Stationary and mobile information points
Job description:
On the roads leading to a new headquarters and on specially prepared stationary information points outside and inside the building, volunteers will provide guests with information about the attractions and route directions. They will also respond to crisis situations. Volunteers working in this area will be the front line for visitors.It is important that a person applying for the job is open, communicative, self-contained and able to communicate in English.
Post: Press office
Job Description:
Volunteers will support ECS staff at the press office, provide guests with information during the accreditation issue, guide the media into the designated place, give out promotional materials, take care of special guests. Volunteer should have a lot of independence, creativity, be able to work in a group and contact easily. People applying for this post should knowat least one foreign language well. Experience on a similar job will be appreciated. Volunteers working in this position will also work on 31st August during the second day of the Opening.
Post: Gest Curator
Job description:
The task of the volunteers will be to take care of incoming guests including airport pick-up, directing to the appropriate hotel or ECS offices, helping out in unexpected situations (e.g., purchase of medicines etc.). Volunteers for this position should know English very well, demonstrate good manners, be discreet, and should not have problems in establishing contacts. Those who apply for this position will be carefully prepared by employees of the ECS.
Post: Photographer
Job description:
the volunteers will take some pictures of the activities of other volunteers during the Opening of ECS, write down their memoirs, speeches and comments. Organizers provide photographic equipment and cameras. Experience in taking pictures will be appreciated. Volunteers in this position will also work with ECS Facebook Fanpage moderator and volunteers from other activities.
Post: Fanpage Moderator
Job description:
the task of the person in this position will be to moderate a live brodcast of the Opening on ECS Facebook Fanpage. Fanpage moderators will be cooperating with other volunteers and coordinators. The person in this position should have experience in conducting Facebook fanpages and have a large autonomy.
Post: Comics Workshops
Job description:
During the open day a comics workshops conducted by well-known authors will be held. The task of the volunteers will be to support the leaders of the workshops, to encourage visitors to participate, and to provide guests with information. It is important for the volunteer to have an artistic sense. Those who have experience in drawing comics are welcome.
Post: Theatrical performance
Job description:
The library will be a place where a continuous interactive theatrical performance combined with many other performances will be held. Volunteers applying for this position will participate in the preparations carried out by the actors with whom they will play a show during the Opening. The position is dedicated to creative and adventurous individuals with the ability of acting.
Post: Library
Job description:
The task of the volunteers will be to guide tours through the library of ECS, to support people conducting the workshops, and to provide guests with information. Volunteer should be open and self-reliant. Applicants should respond quickly to problems and know English very well.
Post: Souvenir Collection
Job description:
During the day the Laboratory of digitization will carry on collecting items that are a testament to the fight against the communist system. Volunteers wishing to contribute to those activities will be responsible for the registration of souvenirs. Prior to the ceremony there will be a special workplace training held for the volunteers. Volunteers in this post must demonstrate a personal culture and conscientiousness.
Post: Film Lectures
Job description:
During the Opening there will be numerous debates, lectures, and film screenings. An important task is to take care of arriving guests//guests’ arrival. The task of the volunteers will be to coordinate the audience, to greet guests, to check invitations, and to assist in finding a proper seat. A communicative knowledge of English, openness and personal culture are important in this job.
Post: Meetings with interesting people
Job description:
During the day there will be workshops and meetings with interesting people in the Reading Room of ECS. Volunteers who want to support the organizers will take care of technical assistance (e.g. helping with setting up the electronic equipment, preparing the room), as well as will take care of technical assistance (e.g., help with setting up the electronic equipment, prepare the room) and lead lectures as well as provide guests with information)) leading lectures and providing guest with information. Volunteers will in advance be adequately trained and introduced to the schedule of events.
Post: Evaluators
Job description:
An important task during the Opening will be to collect opinions and reflections about current activities of ECS after its Opening. Volunteers from different departments of ECS will have to identify which information they will collect from the guests. On this basis they will select an appropriate research tools and conduct the research. As a result, volunteers with the assist of ECS worker will create a report of the evaluation of the Opening Day Program. This job requires from the volunteer the knowledge of tools to carry out sociological research and experience in conducting these. Tasksfor the applicants for this position begins in July.

More information: Alicja Kaczmarek | Link to application form.