Organization from Lithuania is looking for partners from Belarus

Vilnius Archdiocese CARITAS is looking for the institution or organisation in Belarus, which potentially works with homeless people shelters, re-integration and employment of ex-prisoners and other social risk individuals, and could be interested in partnership for European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Latvian-Lithuanian-Belarus Cooperation Programme.

VA CARITAS is interested in developing two Project ideas:

1. To improve living conditions in Temporary Home (shelter for homeless, destitute people). This Project would be mainly about improving social services and access to them through reconstruction of a shelter building, also improving premises for a day center for its inhabitants. VA CARITAS is currently exploring potential partnership with Latvia for these type of works, and is actively looking for partners from Belarus.

2.  To create a Project aimed at encouraging social risk persons to work, through creation and support of working places. This Project would be mainly about creating greater employment opportunities through support given to Caritas Candle Workshop, for employment of ex-prisoners, homeless people, other social risk people, and potentially, other activities - like best practice exchange on creating, finding and supporting jobs for and integration of social risk individuals. 

VA CARITAS also open to other Project suggestions, as our institution covers more than 40 various centres and programmes.


VA Caritas - is an organization of Roman Catholic Church, which engages and unites communities and persons for social service and social justice in the territory of the Archdiocese of Vilnius. Vilnius archdiocese Caritas (hereinafter - VAC) is one of the non-governmental organisations having the deepest traditions of social care in Lithuania and one with the widest social help network in Vilnius region. VAC unites 46 centres and programmes, engaging 90 professionals and 450 volunteers in its team. Each year, more than 60 000 people apply to VAC for social help. VAC provides a wide range of social services and assistance for different groups of society: homeless people, women with children from social risk families, asylum seekers and refugees, youth, children from social risk families,  victims of violence and human trafficking, drug and alcohol abusers, prisoners, elderly and disabled.
VA Caritas is a founder of 3 other institutions:

1. Foundation VA Caritas Social Projects (It was founded to develop Caritas social business initiatives: community caffe, candle factory, etc.).

2. Vilnius All Saints Parish Temporary Care Home for Children.

3. All Saints Family Support Center. The first was founded to develop Caritas social business initiatives: community caffe, candle factory, etc.

The two last public institutions have been started to help the parish to develop social services.