The School of Public Policy (SPP) at Central European University (CEU)

The School of Public Policy (SPP) at Central European University (CEU) offers a 2-year multidisciplinary master’s in public policy that has been designed to train a worldwide community that is committed to purpose beyond power. The U.S.-accredited Master of Public Administration degree provides graduates with the knowledge, skills, and practical experiences needed to pursue careers for the public good throughout the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.

Master’s Program Components:

  • Core and elective courses in Regional and Global Governance, Human Security and Sustainable;
  • Development, and Global Media and Communication;
  • Skills For Impact modules;
  • Passion Project;
  • Summer Internship.

The call is open for students from all over the world, different ages and backgrounds. The deadline for applications is the 1th of February 2015.

Applying to the School of Public Policy (SPP) is a 2-step process consisting of a written application followed by an interview upon invitation. All applicants are also considered for financial aid and scholarship packages.

In order to apply, please, register here.

For further information please visit the official webpage.