Sport as an Educational Tool: Training Course (Georgia)

Training Course "Sport as an Educational Tool" will gather 30 youth workers from Programme, South Mediterranean, EaP countries and Russia and will be aimed at fostering using Sports as an educational tool for intercultural learning and understanding in youth work.

Sports are part of both intangible heritage and daily life, and they are a symbol of the cultural diversity, richness of our societies. Sharing, experiencing, reflecting in sports coming from all countries represented, included the local one, as a tool for empowering intercultural understanding, and used in several projects in among the different phases of the training. They are also efficient means to convey values of solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness and cultural awareness. Moreover, sports reflect on different cultural expressions, and create a bridge between regional cultures for a better mutual comprehension and dialogue.

Profile of participants:

  • Youth workers and youth leaders using sports and willing to use sports as an educational tool.
  • Motivation towards sports and intercultural environment.

 The training will gather 12 participants from Erasmus+ Programme Countries, 9 from South Mediterranean countries and 9 from Eastern partnership Countries and Russia.

Objectives of the training:
-    to discover and test diverse educational practices;
-    to reflect and analyses about the transferability of the different educational tools
-    to contribute to a future publication
-    to introduce Erasmus+ and EuroMed Youth IV
-    to explore different cultures through sports
-    to provide opportunities for future projects' ideas development in frame of Erasmus+ education program.