United Europe - Democracy at all levels: The international seminar in Moldova

The International Seminar “United Europe - Democracy at all levels” will take place from the 25-30 November in Chisinau, Moldova. The Seminar is open to young people aged 18-30 years who are citizens of Belarus and one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

The international seminar "United Europe - Democracy at all levels!" is organised by JEF (Young European Federalists) Europe, JEF Moldova and JEF Belarus.

Participation fee: 30€ for Belarusian and Moldavian participants (there are 10 scholarships of 50€ provided upon request). 70% of the travel costs (up to max 200€) will be reimbursed. JEF (Young European Federalists) Europe and JEF Moldova will assist in visa procedures if needed.

To apply, please, fill out this form. Deadline for applications is 8 October 2014. For more information read the full call here.

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