Vacancy: Project consultant in Social Entrepreneurship

ODB Brussels is looking for a project consultant in social Entrepreneurship
Project name: Social Entrepreneurship Incubator
Implementing partners: ODB Brussels (Belgium), Network University TNU (the Netherlands), Belarusian Youth Public Union “New Faces” and International Public Society World Association of Belarusians “Homeland”. The project is funded by the EU.

Type of contract:  consultancy contract, short-term, part-time
Salary brutto: 3,500 euro
Deadline for applications: 23 February 2016
Duration of the contract: 36 months

Specific objective of the project: To develop a comprehensive package of innovative market-oriented Social Entrepreneurship programmes for CSOs, grass-roots, SMEs, youth and other representatives of active society in Belarus by securing their access to professional training, international peer learning with local/international experts and Belarusian diaspora; strengthening their capacity and offering a solid communication platform to shape Government’s policy in this domain.

Under the supervision of the Project coordinator (ODB Brussels) and in close cooperation with experts from the Network University TNU, the project consultant will be responsible for the coordination and the adaptation of the online learning programme on social entrepreneurship to specific circumstances in Belarus. She/he will participate in developing the teaching modules, elaboration and facilitation of the offline-trainings for Belarusian social entrepreneurs, CSOs and youth, and contribute to the development the eco-system for social entrepreneurs by involving of a broad scale of important stakeholders.

Required competences of the candidate:

•    Master degree (an advanced degree in business, law, education is preferred);
•    Expertise working in development of  Social entrepreneurship in Belarus and the European Union;
•    Ability to work independently and collaboratively, display strong leadership;
•    Customer service and customer satisfaction orientation;
•    Capacity to work in unpredictable environment;
•    Minimum 3 to 5 years’ experience educating social entrepreneurs on business models, business strategy and development;
•    An international network of contacts among social entrepreneurs, incubators and other development programmes for social entrepreneurs;
•    3 years’ experience in project design and (international) project management;
•    Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, Russian and Belarusian.


Take part in the development of a strategy for Social entrepreneurship programmes for Belarus: online and offline platforms. Namely,

•    coordinate the adaptation of the online social entrepreneurship programme to the specific circumstances in Belarus;
•    supervise & coordinate an online training programme;
•    maintain and adopt this programme over the courses;
•    contribute to developing and maintaining an offline training programme by the local partners;
•    participate in the selecting and coordinating coaches and experts of the programme;
•    help to identify and train local and diaspora trainers;
•    Organize “inspirational talks” and offline training sessions given by local business leaders, entrepreneurs, and representatives from the media, as well as invite international lectures.

How to apply:

The candidate needs to submit:

  1. Her/his CV
  2. Motivation letter
  3. A list of the Belarusian diaspora representatives involved in social entrepreneurs activities in the EU or the US (at least 10).


The applications must be sent to by 23 February 2016.
The organizers will only contact the selected candidates not later than on 25 February.