On September 26-29th, 2014 the Rhodes Youth Forum for the fifth time will gather together more than 100 young people who are prone towards responsibility and constructive behavior in the current changes the contemporary world is undergoing. Debates with high level experts from various fields will touch on ways to support youth-led social entrepreneurship, youth diplomacy and education. One of the working days will be conducted jointly with WPFDC.

The ITMO University Fellowships and Visiting Professorships Program aim to provide outstanding researchers and scientists, who are, or have the potential to become, leaders in their chosen fields, with the opportunity to build an independent research career.


Everybody who likes to help, everybody for whom the ideals of Polish Solidarity are important and everybody who isinterested in the life of the city Gdańsk can become a volunteer at the opening of the European Solidarity Centre on the 30th-31st of August 2014. The Regional Volunteer Centre in Gdansk supports us in conducting the recruitment of volunteers by sharing their experience and back office.

The European Diplomacy Workshop (EDW) is a week-long, first in Europe program devoted solely to the Eastern Partnership, European Neighborhood Policy and European Union Foreign Policy. Based on workshops from experts in the fields of EU Foreign Policy (Eastern Partnership and European Neighborhood Policy), and hands-on skills training in International Negotiations, Strategic Planning and Leadership, the European Diplomacy Workshop is designed for emerging political and social leaders, public servants and non-governmental representatives who are eager to learn how to influence the changing context of their country.

Training Course "Sport as an Educational Tool" will gather 30 youth workers from Programme, South Mediterranean, EaP countries and Russia and will be aimed at fostering using Sports as an educational tool for intercultural learning and understanding in youth work.


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study of the Harvard University is offering international fellowship program 2015-2016 in USA for scholars, scientists, artists and writers who wish to pursue advanced work in academic and professional fields and creative arts.


Date: July 28, 16:00 - 18:00
Place: IPM Business School
Address: pr. Gazety "Pravda", 11B (basement floor), Minsk
Lector: Dr. Yuri Tserlukevich (Arizona State University) will deliver the lecture "Arbitrage Pricing Models".
Prior registration is required.
Language of the lecture - English. The participation is free of charge.

OPEN TO: Artists and creators working with videos, performances and installations.

 ORGANIZERS: 6th InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies, December 2014, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro do Bairro and other venues, museums and galleries in Lisbon.

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). Fostering Human Rights and Democracy in Belarus through Country-Based Support Scheme

The deadline for submission of proposals is 2 September 2014 at 17:00 local (Minsk) time.

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are pleased to announce the availability of 4 new research fellowships. The fellowships will provide the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC for 3-4 weeks during June/July/August 2014 to conduct research on the legal framework for civil society.  The fellowships are open to applicants from:
    Africa: Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda
Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka
    Europe and Eurasia:
Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine (candidates from other Eurasian countries may contact ICNL to determine whether they are eligible);
    Latin America and the Caribbean:
Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Panama, and Guatemala
    Middle East and North Africa:
Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Yemen