Belarus Headlines is a joint project of the Office for a Democratic Belarus, the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (Vilnius, Lithuania), and Belarus Digest (London, UK). Since May 2011, we have changed the design and approach of our pdf-magazine. Today’s Belarus Headlines provides you with the original materials and offers political and economic analysis, news summaries, and interesting facts about Belarusian history and culture. 

In the ‘EU and Belarus’ section of the bulletin we cover the major events and developments concerning EU-Belarus relations, and provide an analysis of the most important trends. The ‘Politics and Society’ part sheds light on other vectors of Belarusian foreign policy, while studying the main processes taking place inside the country. The ‘Finance and Commerce’ section describes the main development of the country’s economic life. In the ‘Research’ section of the bulletin the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies and the Agency for Policy Expertise present a digest of their new studies, publications and expert opinions on the most burning issues of political, economic, and social life in Belarus. The ‘Most Popular on Belarus Digest’ briefs you on various articles published by its brilliant team of authors.  Finally, the ‘Unknown Belarus’ section guides you through Belarusian history and culture, by unveiling its secrets and sharing its hidden treasures.

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Editorial board – Olga Stuzhinskaya, Tatsiana Kouzina, Yaraslau Kryvoi

Coordinator – Alyona Lis

Should you have any feedback or would like to contribute an article for Belarus Headlines, please contact alyona@democraticbelarus.eu

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