Belarus Headlines III

Belarus Headlines  3"Belarus Headlines", issue III, September 2011

The third issue of Belarus Headlines provides you with a summary of notable events and the latest economic and political news from Belarus. The most important political development is the release of a number of political prisoners which most analysts believe is a result of Western pressure on officials in Minsk. The authorities' attempt to abandon multiple currency exchange rates is the most notable economic development.

In addition, the third issue of Belarus Headlines features the arms trade and environmental problems. The arms trade article tries to determine whether Belarus poses a serious threat to international security. Another topic which is less discussed but may have serious international implications is the Belarusian government's plan to start a new peat extraction project. The project threatens to destroy the last large swamps in the country which may impact the climate in the rest of Europe.

In the research part of our bulletin we offer you a review of the monitoring of public opinion in Belarus and an analysis of the deepening administration and decision making crisis in the country. The issue also summarises the current research on the foreign relations of Belarus and the effect of the European Neighbourhood Policy.

We also continue to help you discover interesting facts about Belarus in the ‘Unknown Belarus’ section, this time by offering a trip to the Castle of Halshany.

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