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This issue of Belarus Headlines covers a number of current topics and developments, including the Belarusian parliamentary election, the Eastern Partnership, the European Dialogue on Modernisation as well as changes in the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

The issue begins with Dzianis Melyantsou’s article on the European Dialogue on Modernisation, which, as the author believes, should not be regarded as the end result, but as a vast platform for communication to as many stakeholders as possible. Its focus should be shifted to the points of common interest of the authorities, business and civil society.

In his other article Dzianis notes that the Belarusian opposition failed to use the opportunity to communicate with voters. He also suggests that the EU should have a more nuanced approach, based on the evaluation of various parameters of the system without being linked to the elections, as well as more transparent requirement on adding and removal of individuals from its black list.

Siarhei Bohdan discusses the change of leadership at the Foreign  Ministry of Belarus and the personality of Uladzimir Makey - the newly appointed minister.

Also in this issue, Belarus Headlines gives an overview of analytical papers prepared by the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies.

These include the launch of BISS Political Media Barometer which highlights that Belarusian opposition in its media communication focuses not on social and economic problems which are important for the whole population, but rather on internal processes and international activities.

Another study shows that the rate of growth in real incomes of the population has a direct influence on the president’s credibility level in Belarus. Another trend is that the faster real wages grow, the more citizens are willing to observe the “strong hand” of the state in the economy. If wages decline, Belarusians tend to favour more market freedom and less state intervention.

An overview of current activities describes the study visit of Belarusian experts on transport and transit to Lithuania, and the co-organisation of the international conference dedicated to improving public transportation in Belarus, as well as information meetings for Belarusian civil society organisations presenting European opportunities of support for Belarus.

Belarus Digest published several articles on the Belarusian elections, public housing programmes in Belarus, the Dazhynki festival and Belarus-Georgia relations. Belarus Headlines gives a short overview of them.

Maryna Rakhlei's article on Alexander Medved' - one of the most famous sportsman from Belarus of all time, concludes the issue.

Olga Stuzhinskaya, director of the Office for a Democratic Belarus
Tatiana Kouzina, executive director of Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies
Yaraslau Kryvoi, editor-in-chief of Belarus Digest

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