Increasing Quality of Project Proposals – in the Focus of the Clearing House Project




The second training for Belarusian consultants in the field of development of project proposals was organized on February 25-27, 2012 within the Clearing House project, which is being implemented by the Office for a Democratic Belarus (Brussels, Belgium) in partnership with the international consortium EUROBELARUS under support of the international organizations Pact and Forum SYD.

The initiative is aimed at improving coordination and communications between Belarusian civil society organizations and European/international agencies to increase efficient support to the Belarusian civil society. In particular, the initiative provides free assistance to Belarusian civil society organizations in preparation of high-quality project proposals, which may be considered and funded by the respective European Union institutions, as well as support in arrangement of consultations for discussion of real needs and priorities of their development.

The participants of the training, six perspective candidates for a consultant position, within three days got acquainted with methods and techniques of interactive work with the audience, ways to present information on European programmes and instruments of support to listeners in easy and comprehensive manner, efficient presentations and lectures. The trainings were followed by the discussions in small groups and interaction with the trainers. Upon completion of the training, its participants summarized the experience gained and received a new homework, given to help them in making quality and efficient consultations to Belarusian civil society organizations regarding preparation of the applications for respective EU calls of proposals for Belarus.

As expected, there should be three trainings for consultants arranged within the Clearing House Project in total. Preliminary selected on a competitive basis and trained within the mentioned events, 6 perspective candidates for a consultant position will gain additional practical skills on interaction with Belarusian civil society organizations during the activities of the action in the regions of Belarus as well as improve their knowledge during the expert visit to Kyiv. Then, after the final competitive selection, the consultants will be able to provide expert support to Belarusian civil society organizations in preparation of quality project proposals, monitoring for implementation of projects and project reporting. It is worth to mention, that consultations to the Belarusian civil society organizations for the period of implementation of the Clearing House Project will be provided by the selected experts for free.

Any questions and proposals regarding consultative support within the Clearing House Project may be submitted by e-mail directly to the coordination team of the action (