Action Plan Developed in Lyuban on the Basis of Local Community Needs Appraisal

On February 4, 2016 within the framework of the Clearing House programme, ODB Brussels organized a meeting in Lyuban (Minsk Region) to develop an action plan on the basis of previously assessed local community needs. This event came as a follow-up to the meeting held on December 16 of last year.

During the previous event city residents assessed their needs and suggested ways to improve their quality of life, this time the meeting was focused on devising specific actions and on planning activities to translate the identified needs into reality. The participants were also tasked with finding enterprising people who will then go on to take responsibility for realizing the newly developed action plan.

Participants were particularly concerned with solving a number of local problems, such as the need to finalize construction of recreational areas in the city park. Another associated issue then arose, namely, lack of outdoor play areas for little children. Participants agreed on the ways in which local community activists can partner with local authorities to push for the city park reconstruction to be finalized. As it turned out, it's possible to do quite a lot. Having analyzed the situation and having addressed the needs of all stakeholders, participants developed an action plan that took into account the existing capabilities and necessary resources. The biggest challenge the new plan presents is to implement it before the City Day festivities, which are to be held in Lyuban on the 2nd of July. Participants expressed their interest and willingness to execute everything they've planned. ODB Brussels, on its part, is ready to render its full support and cooperation in helping them achieve this goal.

ODB Brussels