The Clearing House Project is Resuming Training Sessions to the Next European Commission Call for Proposals

On the April 27th a training "Development and Submission of Project Proposals for the European Commission. The Logical Framework Approach" took place in Minsk. It was organised by the Clearing House project (Office for Democratic Belarus) with the informational and technical support of the Office for European Expertise and Communications.

Consultants of the Clearing House project specializing in the writing of project proposals for the European competitions programs in accordance with the logical framework approach, informed civil society organisations (CSOs) and The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) about the upcoming calls for proposals for the European Commission and basic requirements for the submission of applications. The consultants taught the participants the concept of writing a project proposal, making logical framework of the project and basic principles and rules of budgeting.

Last year the Clearing House also held a number of training sessions in Minsk and regional towns. This year the participants were interested in the registration process of the projects in Belarus, consulting support to the organisations after the training, especially in writing and submission of project proposals. Several organisations that received support from the European Commission after the Clearing House project consultations on the calls for proposals NSA-LA in 2012 also wanted to get advice on the practical implementation of projects in Belarus.

As far as the first training was booked by more than 60 representatives of CSOs, the organisers decided to hold additional sessions to provide the opportunity for everyone to learn more about for the European Commission calls for proposals and the requirements to participate in these programmes. Information about the additional sessions you can get on our website and subscribing to the newsletters.

Furthermore, we are happy to inform you that the Clearing House project expands the scope of services provided to CSOs. 9 consultants are working to support organisations in the development and submission of project proposals, number of training sessions in developing project proposals according to the logical framework approach are planned, and also a new service in advising organizations on the implementation of projects of the European Commission in Belarus in accordance with international standards quality will be launched. This year the consultations remain free of charge. You can order the service by phone +375 17 392 21 53 or by e-mail @