EU Projects in Belarus: Reporting to European Commission Standards

Technical aspects of implementing European projects in Belarus were discussed at the seminar "Reporting for EU-Funded Projects", which was held on the 29th of October in Minsk within the framework of the Clearing House programme. Participating Belarusian experts explained the particulars of reporting according to the Belarusian legislation and European Commission requirements. The event was attended by the EU Delegation to Belarus, local authorities and organizations that are about to start international technical assistance projects or are already implementing them.

Tatsiana Tiaslionak, Finance Manager, New Eurasia Establishment (Belarus)

Participants looked into a number of important technical issues regarding obtaining European funding in Belarus and implementing joint projects of local authorities and civil society - from registration of international technical assistance projects to final reporting, auditing and successful completion of projects. Experts focused on budgetary planning and reporting of project partners, as well as requirements that donor organizations and Belarusian authorities place on reporting for international technical assistance projects.

Experts covered, in particular, the issues of taxation and foreign exchange rates, planning and documenting costs in accordance with the project budget.

Seminar "Reporting For EU-Funded Projects" was initiated by the EU Delegation to Belarus and aimed at improving the quality of implementation of EU projects and reporting in accordance with the European Commission standards.
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