Problem-solving for Local Communities in Rahachou

On December 24, Rahachou (Homel Region, Belarus), ODB Brussels held a seminar on planning of problem-solving activities for local communities. The event was organized as a follow up to the  Participatory Community Appraisal (PCA/PCP) training method as part of the ODB Clearing House programme. Participants of the seminar discussed ways to improve public transportation in Rahachou, raise the quality of health services and provide vulnerable groups of local population with access to services.

Halina Matyushenka (on the left) - speaker at the planning  at the seminar in Rahachou (Hrodna Region, Belarus)


During the meeting, participants analyzed positions of interested parties, as well as opportunities, benefits and risks they have. A detailed plan of action was developed to create recreation areas in the city, and the participants discussed roles played by local communities - state institutions, businesses, mass media, civil society organizations and citizens - in identifying these issues and determining how big of an influence they have over the quality of life.

The goal of the training was to present the methods that help identify the needs of local communities and involve their representatives to join the local problem-solving processes.

ODB Brussels