Trainings on Development of Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives Held in Syanno and Polatsk

Belarusian Red Cross has held a number of trainings in Vitebsk region on the preparation of calls for proposals to implement local civil initiatives, all aimed at successfully implementing the Local Community Engagement in the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles project with participation of ODB Brussels personnel.  The project is implemented by BRC with support from Swiss Red Cross.

Maksim Padbiarozkin, Clearing House  programme coordinator, ODB Brussels

Trainings were held on February 23-24 in Syanno and on February 25-26, 2016, in Polatsk (Vitebsk region). They gathered representatives of local communities from Hodtsy agro-town, Zelyonka agro-town and the town of Bahushevsk, as well as from Polatsk and Syanno. Participants included epidemiologists, valeologists, teachers and sports instructors.

Representatives of local level institutions - a sports and recreation centre, a village outpatient clinic, district hospitals, an elderly people day care centre, a school, a college, etc. - were introduced to the basics of project management. Participants studied how to prepare calls for proposals and applications for the contest of mini initiatives within the framework of the Local Community Engagement in the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles project implemented by BRC.

During the trainings, representatives of local communities designed projects aimed at promoting cycling, physical activity of the residents, improving the quality of leisure time and types of family recreation. The participants discussed initiatives that not only facilitate promotion and popularization of healthy lifestyles but also are effective in preventing non-communicable diseases.

New prospective initiatives suggested by the participants of the trainings were based on real needs of local residents. Future initiatives are aimed at students, children and people of the "third" age, as well as at developing new partnerships between organizations in different sectors.