Diary of the Festival. Day 2. Discovering Sweden, Learning English with British Ambassador to Belarus Bruce Bucknell, Talking about Love with writer Dato Turashvili


The headliners during the second day of the European Intercultural Festival were a meeting with a popular Georgian writer Dato Turashvili and an unforgettable English lesson by the British Ambassador to Belarus Bruce Bucknell. Admirers of Swedish culture had a possibility to get acquainted with the activity of the Centre for Swedish Studies.

 On Friday at the tea meeting with members of English club of the youth center “Fialta” Minsk, the British Ambassador Bruce Bucknell told not only about the peculiarities of English communication, but his diplomatic work experience in Belarus and his family as well. He is the the first diplomat in the history of his family, was born in Scotland and is learning Russian now.

семье. Участники

The British Ambassador is a Twitter user and keeps his internet-blog. For the best questions the participants of the meeting were encouraged by gifts from the organizers – cups and bags with symbols of the European Intercultural festival.
 Photo report is available here.

At the meeting with admirers of Georgian culture the writer Dato Turashvili confessed that he would have liked to feel like a tourist in his country due to its incredible hospitality. The author of the bestseller “Generation Jeans” remarked that the film based on this novel is going to be shot in Hollywood. By now the book has already been translated into 9 languages, including the Ukrainian, so the presentation of the novel will be held in Lviv one of these days. The writer said that he would like to work in cooperation with Belarusian authors. The national literature in Georgia is very prosperous nowadays – the best classic and contemporary national works are being actively translated into the European languages. The participants of the meeting watched the comedy “Love with an Accent” and even debated the peculiarities of “Georgian love” considering the stories described in the movie and situations from real life.
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On that day the presentation of the Centre for Swedish Studies also took place. The participants of the meeting learned about the peculiarities of studying Swedish, Finnish and other languages of Nordic countries (such as, for example, Iceland). Guests of the event got acquainted with national Swedish holidays and took part in the competition for best knowledge in Swedish history and literature. During the mini-lesson of Swedish the participants of the presentation managed to learn a few most indispensable words and phrases necessary for basic communication during the journey to Sweden.
Photo report is available here.