European Intercultural Festival. Day Two

The second day of the European Intercultural Festival 2013, which is being organised this week in Minsk, Grodno and Gomel, offered an abundance of interesting events for its visitors. The programme of the day was opened by a presentation from the European Voluntary Service (EVS) in The Johannes Rau International Centre for Education and Exchange (IBB). The presentation was a part of “Europe Day Education Fair” which was organised by the EU delegation to Belarus and foreign embassies. The moderators of the meeting, Olga Belskaya (CSO “New Face”) and Olga Habibullina (CSO “Office for the promotion of initiatives”) explained the young audience what is the purpose of the EVC and how they can take part in the programme, as well as carried out a small quiz on the basic features of the programme.

In Grodno a presentation held, not only  on the European Voluntary Service, but on all aspects of the Commission programme ”Youth in action” at the office of the organisation “Centre for information support of societal initiatives, the third sector”. Among the participants were Belarusian youth interested in taking part in future projects and representatives of CSOs who will be carrying out these projects. The audience learned from the moderators of the event, Olga Belskaya and Olga Habibullin, about the priorities of the programme and in which programmes Belarusian citizens can participate. In addition, German volunteers Elis and Victor presented their Minsk-based project which is carried out at the youth education centre “Fialta”.

As a part of the festival, the ”Liberal Club” organised the event “Europe in a suitcase” where the participants could learn more about the EU and the Eastern Partnership Initiative, as well as pose questions  about the relations  between Belarus and European countries to young experts from Germany and Poland and share their views on the topic. A full photo report of the event can be found here.

During the week-long European Intercultural Festival 2013, residents and visitors of Minsk, Grodno and Gomel will have the opportunity to attend the following events:

  • Information day ”The possibilities for the implementation of international projects in the framework of  the ’Youth window’ of the Eastern Partnership”
  • A lecture by Yana Kobzova on the European Union
  • A lecture ”The European Union – what is that?”
  • Youth debate “Homel – A European City”
  • The screening of the short animation film ”Two Small Girls” to counteract the trafficking of young girls