Festival´s diary. Day three. Lesson of Jana Kobzova - Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations - at the Belarusian State University

The event was organized in the framework of the project „European International Festival 2013“, taking place in Minsk and in some other Belarusian cities this week. Whereas the working language of the conference is English, participants got a wonderful opportunity to prove their language skills.

Mrs. Kobzova told Belarusian students and lecturers about the aims and prospects of the EU initiative „Eastern Partnership“, set out the main priorities and hopes of the EU toward their Eastern partner. Some questions about possible visa liberalization for members of the „Eastern Partnership“ and Belarus came up in discussion, specifics of realization of the European Neighbourhood Policy were also considered.

Participants were interested in how the economical and political situation in Slovakia has been changed, the country Jana Kobzova is coming from, after joining the European Union: what are the impacts of the joining the internal labour market, impacts on the business climate and whether it has encouraged new investments in the country. Students were also wondering, which effects had the EU membership on the development of the higher education, and if the Belarusian graduates are highly rated abroad as well as which benefits brought the joining the European Higher Education Area (the Bologna Process).

The lecturer, in her turn, was interested if Belarusians are considering the actual EU policy towards Belarus as efficient and what from their‘s perspective should have been changed in the policy, so the both sides should have profit from it.

It is worth to be mentioned, that the festival will continue until the end of the week and that Minsk audience could visit the presentation of the short animated cartoon „Two little girls“, based on a real story, as well as take part in the discussion, dedicated to the questions of secure migration, with the participation of the British Ambassador to Belarus.

The event will take place in the „Art-Café“ of the National Art Museum, Lenin Street, 20.
Begin of the presentation at 19.00.

At the same time another lesson of Jana Kobzova  will take place in Hrodna. The subject of the lesson is the history of creation and activity of the European Union.