My Window to Europe

Dear Friends,
Last month the Belarusian photographer Vitali Brazouski who won the first prize during a photo completion “European neighbourhood” which was organised by ODB and OEEC and its partners visited Belgium. Vitali shared his impressions on the trip as well as some 200 photos he took during this adventure.


By Vitali Brazouski

This spring I was lucky to win the photo-contest European Neighbourhood held in the frames of the European Intercultural Festival-2013 (The winning photo can be found here).  When I applied for participation I even did not pay attention to the main prize and the fact that it was a trip to Brussels (Belgium) took me by a very pleasant surprise.  For me, who have never travelled further than Bialystok (Poland) or Vilnius (Lithuania) before, this trip has become a real adventure. I received the chance to see with my own eyes and compare life in Belarus and in the official capital of the EU. 

I have to say, that my trip was not limited to Brussels only. I took a chance to visit also the Belgian most famous Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Ostend.
Saying that I was deeply impressed means to say nothing at all. The unique architecture of Belgium, its medieval streets and blokes, as well as masterpieces exposed in its museums literally made my head go round. I saw the works by Jan van Eyck, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Michelangelo, Rubens, Magritte.

In a few days I was able to enjoy the brightness and variety of Brussels, climbed the famous Belfry tower in pretty medieval Bruges,  took a boat tour through its amazing canals, wandered around the beautiful  students city of Ghent, admired the North Sea port in Ostend, and took a walk around the bustling and trendy Antwerp.  And of course, I could not pass by small shops selling Belgian delicious chocolate and world-known beer.

The towns I travelled through impressed me with their beauty and ancient spirit. All of them are very different but have one thing in common - smiling and friendly people, harmonious multicultural society showing that there is enough place for all under one roof.

Belgium as well as, I am sure, other countries of the EU are ready to greet every person who is open and is ready to change for the best. 

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the Office for a Democratic Belarus and the Office for European Expertise and Communication for professional organisation of this trip. 

I would also like to praise your activities as really believe that you do an important job for our country.

The photo-gallery of 220 photos taken by Vitali Brazouski can be found at this link