Belarus to be Presented During National Days at the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium)

On 17 February the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium) is hosting a presentation of the book "Heta Belarus, Dzietka!" This event is an opportunity to learn some little known facts about Belarus in a funny and entertaining way. One of the authors, Maryia Charakova will be present at the event to share her book story and speak about what inspired her. Presentation of the book is part of the National Days at the College of Europe that have been a tradition for at least thirty years.

During the National Days students share their national culture(s) with their mates. National days therefore reflect the diversity of the cultural traditions at this higher education establishment. Students are encouraged to form groups with students from other nationalities and jointly organise events promoting their culture. They also are responsible for all logistics and fundraising.

This year two Belarusian students, Kseniya Pavlovich from the EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, and Anastasiya Maisenia from the European Legal Studies chose to join the so-called Baltic National Week together with Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia.

The two Belarusian ladies and their fellow students from other countries promise to treat the audience with the national desserts and drinks – home-made baked apples with honey and nuts, zefir, fruit jelly, halva, candies, and kvas (a traditional drink made out of bread)! Belarusian culinary presence in the College of Europe will be further strengthened on the following day - draniki, the Belarusian famous potato pancakes will be served at the college’s canteen as a main dish for lunch as a present from the local administration.

The ODB Brussels is delighted to co-sponsor the event! A special prize by the ODB will be given for the one the luckiest :) - the winner of a mini-lottery that is to take place after the book lottery.

ODB Brussels