Belarusian movie evening in Brussels

Despite the rainy weather in Belgium, the Belarusian movie night organised by the Office for a Democratic Belarus and the Hanse-Office helped to put the Brussels public in a summer mood.
The film evening took place on Thursday, 12th of July, at 19.00 at Hanse-Office (Joint Representation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the State of Schleswig-Holstein to the EU). This is already a second event which Office for a Democratic Belarus and Hanse-Office organise together. With a high number of people attending, the Belarusian Summer movie night proved to be a real success.
Two films were presented to the public. The first one, the documentary film “Monologues” by Aleh Dashkevich, was an insight into a day of life of a boxer and a journalist. The audience followed two inner monologues of people who try to find their own way in authoritarian Belarus. The screening of “Monologues” was followed by a lively discussion, with people sharing their vision of the problems touched upon in the film. The opinions were rather different, especially those expressed by some Belarusian expatriats present in the room. Some guests spoke about the exclusion of free-thinking intellectuals and the atmosphere of fear in the country, while others argued that the Belarusian people are perfectly happy with the present state of things. People from other countries drew parallels to the Soviet times as well as to the socialist regime of the German Democratic Republic in order to define the Belarusian regime and understand the origin of the country’s problems.
The second film, comedy “Colour of Love” by Aliaksandr Kananovich, helped the public to relax and have a good laugh about the hilarious adventures of a 19th-century bachelor Leonard, the young and poor Russian-speaking aristocrat who wanted to marry the daughter of a Belarusian “leech tycoon”. However, there were many obstacles on the way to Leonard’s happiness: a flying cow, an amorous lady, and the intolerant father-in-law.
In addition to being a nice cultural event, the Belarusian Summer movie night was also helpful to bring together people who are interested in Belarus. An active discussion on Belarusian issues is something needed probably more than ever. Promoting such a dialogue and raising awareness of the Belarusian issues in Brussels is the aim to which the partnership of the Office for a Democratic Belarus and the Hanse-Office aspires.




Office for a Democratic Belarus

July 12, 2007