Celebrating Europe Day: Open-Air Stage and Village of the European and French Cultural Organizations

On the occasion of the Europe Day, the House of Europe and of Orient, the associations Belprojet, Office for a Democratic Belarus and Perspectives Biélorussiennes decided to pay tribute to the cultural diversity of Europe in its geographical borders by concentrating particular attention on the cultures of Eastern    Europe.

The idea of the village of the European and French cultural organizations with tents and stands laid out along the Daumesnil avenue and on the Viaduc des Arts (Paris), expressed the conception of Europe which promotes the dialogue and respects its plurality and its minorities.

On May 10 the public were able learning about various activities of associations present at the event and to degust multiple culinary specialities.

At the Belarusian stand the passers-by could find Belarusian books on art, art magazines, Belarusian dictionary Euro Thesaurus by L.Barshcheusky, which includes the translation from Belarusian into 28 European languages, Belarusian posters and postcards, stamps with images of national costumes and architecture monuments, touristic booklets on Belarusian cities, etc. The stand was carefully decorated with the traditional embroider towels and straw crafts.

Art was a common language at the event. If judging by the attention paid to the stand, proved that the Belarusian artists, designers and craftsmen speak it fluently.

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