Exhibition of Belarusian Posters Heads to Toulouse

Dear friends,

The Office for a Democratic Belarus and the French association “Kolbasso” have the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition Visual code of the time: post-Soviet poster art in Belarus.

The exhibition represents the works of 19 designers and demonstrates the impact that important socio-political transformation taking place in Belarus in the mid 1980s-1990s had on the country’s poster art. 

For many years posters served to embed certain slogans and graphic symbols of the Soviet regime and communist ideology in people’s minds. They acquired an almost iconographic meaning. However, the situation has changed in the mid 1980-s. At that time Belarus was still one of the Soviet Republics, but the era when the role of an artist was reduced to that of a functionary meekly carrying out political orders was becoming a thing of the past…

The exhibition opens at 19:00 on March 11 at the café "Le Caméléon", 19 rue du Pont Saint Pierre, Toulouse (France).

The opening of the exhibition will be followed by a small reception and the presentation of a catalogue that includes 44 reproductions of Belarusian posters of different periods accompanied by explanatory texts in the English, French, Italian, and Belarusian languages.

The entrance is free.

The Office for a Democratic Belarus extends its gratitude to the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the German Marshall Fund of the United States and all the partners that helped make this project possible.