Olga Stuzhinskaya Meets with EuroClub in Hrodna

Director of the Office for a Democratic Belarus (ODB), Olga Stuzhinskaya, participated in the European Club (EuroClub) session that took part in
the Belarusian city of Hrodna. The audience representing local civil society organisations, journalists, students and other interested parties was deeply engaged with the debate on the current state of EU-Belarus relations, the visa liberalisation for EaP countries in general and for Belarusian citizens in particular. Stuzhinskya concentrated on the steps necessary: required for Belarusian authorities to foster visa facilitation and visa liberalisation processes. She also briefed the audience on the projects her Office is implementing in Brussels and Belarus, namely the Clering House which is intended to build the organisational capacity of Belarusian CSOs and enhance their cooperation and coordination with the European Union, European donors and international implementers. The second big project is the , designed to help Belarusian experts in different areas to establish contacts with their counterparts from the EU, learn about the experience of other countries of the Eastern Partnership and share their knowledge and best practices.