Sectoral Discussion: Regional and Local Development in the Brest Region

ODB (Brussels) in partnership with the Public Council for rural tourism development of Region Agricultural and Industrial Union

Monday, December 1, 2014 - 11:00 to 14:00

Brest, the Brest Region of Belarus

On December 1, 2014, Brest will host a sectoral discussion "Regional and Local Development in Brest Region".
The discussion will give a space to present the results of the sector of regional and local development in Brest Region, as well as similar data for the Republic of Belarus.

Participants of the sectoral discussion will be able to make their own assessment of the conducted research and share their understanding of priorities and directions for regional and local development in Brest Region. Results of the discussion will be reflected in the assessment summary of the current situation in the sector and the priorities of regional and local development of the Brest region.

The event will also include a presentation on CNA (Community Needs Assessment) technology which can provide information on current regional needs and engage local communities in solving their own problems.
A presentation of international support opportunities for the regional and local development sector will also be given. Participants will be offered free consulting services within the framework of the Clearing House programme on the following issues: preparing and writing a project application, project implementation, monitoring and reporting.

In order to participate you have to register until November 29, 2014 by email: Please provide the following data:
1) Full name.
2) Organization/Institution,
3) Contact phone,
4) Email.
For more information please call: (044) 7613151, (029) 5603050 (Maksim Podberezkin, Coordinator of the Clearing House programme).