Policy Proposal: New Framework for EU-Belarus Relations

Dear colleagues,

The Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS, Vilnius, Lithuania) and the Office for a Democratic Belarus (ODB, Brussels, Belgium) would like to present a paper entitled 'New Framework toward Normalisation of Relations between the European Union and Belarus' that seeks to provide a plan of actions for the Brussels-Minsk dialogue.

In our opinion, a plan of actions offered to Belarus could serve as a contract between the two sides with clearly defined commitments and obligations. It would not only help the EU in its assessment of the progress of the Belarusian government in implementing the reform programmes, but would also render the democratisation process in the country irreversible.

In preparing this paper, we have consulted with representatives of Belarusian civil society, independent experts and members of the political opposition. However, views presented in this paper are those of the BISS and the ODB and are not necessarily representing those of any other organisation.