EU Environmental Policy: Sharing Knowledge with Belarus. Seventh Visit of Belarusian Experts to Brussels

On March 15-18, on the invitation of the Office for a Democratic Belarus, a group of Belarusian experts in environment visited Brussels, Belgium. The delegation, which consisted of experts from the Hrodna regional Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the Sakharov International State Environmental University (Minsk), representatives of the Belarusian NGOs working on environmental issues as well as relevant business organisations and journalists, took part in a training course “EU Environmental Policy: Sharing Knowledge with Belarus”.

During the visit, the Belarusian delegates had the opportunity to meet key experts on environmental issues and the region at the Directorate-General (DG) for Aid and Cooperation, DG Research and DG Environment of the European Commission.

The training course also included meetings with various non-profit groups, including the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), Climate Alliance and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The coordinator of the Masters’ Programme at the Free University of Brussels delivered a presentation about the University’s graduate courses on Human Ecology and Sustainable Environment.

The topics covered in the programme of the training course included EU environmental policy, the programmes of IUCN and the Improving Forest Law and Governance in the European Neighbourhood Policy East Countries and Russia (ENPI-FLEG), opportunities for research in the area of environment and climate change, the ways to get involved in EU projects at national level, and funding opportunities for implementing environmental projects.

During the meetings the Belarusian specialists stressed the importance of cross-border cooperation in the field of environment and spoke about some successful regional projects. They also voiced a need to support and develop independent media publications on environmental issues and encouraged the EU to initiate greater number of projects with Belarus on environmental protection and sustainable environment for the common benefit of the region. 

This visit part of a larger programme for Belarusian experts implemented by the Office for a Democratic Belarus with the support of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DMFA). Candidates for the participation in this programme are selected through an open call for applications. The organisers welcome participation of experts from both civil society initiatives and state and government institutions.

Office for a Democratic Belarus extends its gratitude to all partners who helped make this project possible.

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