Launch of the project "EU policy: Sharing knowledge with Belarus". First visit of Belarusian experts

On the invitation of the Office for a Democratic Belarus (Brussels, Belgium) and the Foundation for Legal Technologies Development (Ukraine), a group of Belarusian ecology experts visited Brussels on November 3-7 and participated in the training course “EU Environment Policy: Sharing Knowledge with Belarus”.

In the framework of the course, Belarusian delegates had a chance to get acquainted with the work of the EU institutions and to hold meetings with key experts of the European Union working on the region and issues related to the environment. The programme covered such topics as agriculture, energy security and nuclear safety and environment.

The Belarusian delegation whose members represent different sectors and work in fields related to environment, learned how the EU deals with ecological issues and how some of this experience, especially that of the new members states, could be possibly applied in Belarus. Experts encouraged the European Commission to carry out more projects with/for Belarus stressing the need for assistance and expertise in their country.

This given training is part of a larger programme for Belarusian experts, which is being implemented by the Office for a Democratic Belarus and the Foundation for Legal Technologies Development. Topics for next seminars in Brussels include transport and transit, energy and energy-saving technologies, education. Participants for trainings are selected through an open call for applications. The organisers welcome participation of experts from both civil society groups and government-affiliated structures.

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