The Second Extended Meeting of the “Energy Club”: “European Experiences with biogas and the Prospects for Developing the Biogas Sector in Belarus”

The Office for a Democratic Belarus is organising in cooperation with the International Sakharov Environmental University the second meeting of “The Energy Club” as a part of the 13th International Scientific Conference “Sakharov Readings 2013: Environmental Problems of XXI Century” . The meeting will take place on May 17th and the topic for discussion will be “European experiences with biogas and the prospects for developing the biogas sector in Belarus”.

The event is part of the ODB run programme "EU and Belarus: Sharing Knowledge"  which is implemented in cooperation with the Belarusian Union of Transport Workers and Supported by the European Commission. All technical and information support under the project is provided by the Minsk-based Office for European Expertise and Communication.

The programme includes presentations by German, Latvian and Belarusian experts. The meeting is open for representatives of state organs and institutes, higher education institutes, companies, CSOs and journalists who are working or interested in the fields of renewable energy and biogas.
For more information about the meeting and participation, please click this link or send an email to before May 15th