Overview of the Civic Education Sector in Belarus

The Office for European Expertise and Communication (OEEC) in partnership with the Brussels-based Office for Democratic Belarus (ODB) launches a series of sectoral overviews with the goal to examine capacity of Belarusian civil society organisations vis-à-vis a number of identified sectors. The overviews foresee collection of data on activities of and services offered by civil society organisations (CSOs) and other stakeholders within each given sector from various sources.
The sectoral overviews will take into account the existing monitoring and evaluation results, expert opinion, stakeholder feedback, statistical and polling data as well as qualitative assessments.

The series of sectoral overviews intend to help establish development trends for non-state actors, assist in measuring impacts of civic activities and services in the context of the country development needs. OEEC and ODB are confident that this approach will strengthen the overall capacity development policies by making the necessary data available to civic activists, practitioners and other domestic and international stakeholders. Research results should serve as a useful feedback for all interested parties engaged into civil society development in Belarus.

The first sectoral on civic education commissioned by OEEC and implemented by the research team composed of Vladimir Korzh, Valery Zhurakovski, Olesya Obrazhey and Ekaterina Anoshko.

Over the course of 2013 five more overviews are scheduled on the following sectors: energy, environment, gender, regional development, and social service delivery.

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Photo-report from the presentation.  Minsk. 31 May 2013 .