Public Opinion Poll. Belarus and Eastern Partnership: National and European Values

The Office for Democratic Belarus (ODB) has commissioned a survey  about European and national values in Belarus in order to contribute to the debate on the relations between Belarus and the European Union (EU) from the public’s perspective.
The nation-wide representative survey  was conducted in Belarus between 20 May and 4 June 2013 focusing on the country’s relations with the EU and the (Eurasian) Customs Union (ECU); as well as public perceptions, values, and attitudes towards the afore-mentioned entities. Professor Elena Korosteleva from the Global Europe Centre at the University of Kent was commissioned as principal investigators to undertake the survey in Belarus.

To disseminate the survey findings as widely as possible ODB has made available key findings, detailed findings as well as the entire data set (Ru), raw data (SPSS).

Contact: Olga Stuzhinskaya,, +32 2 709 8471

Key Findings 
Three particular trends are observable in Belarus’ public relations:

  • Comparative trends demonstrate a positive and substantive shift in public attitudes towards the EU; reflected in higher levels of awareness, more knowledge about EU structures and policies, more interest in EU affairs, more perceivable commonalities with the EU as a polity, more appreciation of EU support, and most importantly, identity-based preferences developing in relation to the latter.
  • At the same time, normative underpinnings of public behaviour remain firmly rooted in cultural traditions and historical legacies of the past.
  • Levels of awareness about the (Eurasian) Customs Union (ECU) are relatively high (90%). Importantly, the majority of respondents see the ECU as more relevant in addressing immediate economic and energy security concerns.