Researchers: Belarusians Starting to View EU and EEU as Opposing Entities Raises a Red Flag

Belarusians have started to view the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union as opposing entities, have taken to liking European values more than they did in 2013 and are more wary of the country's energy dependence on Russia. If one of the neighbouring unions becomes more active in their 'struggle for Belarus", the population may become very polarized. These conclusions were reached in the third national survey on integration preferences of Belarusians. Guests of the new edition of "Amplituda" programme discussed the survey findings.

In February 2016, ODB held yet another national survey of integration preferences of Belarusians, studying how the Belarusian public views European and national values. TUT.BY-TV has invited Elena Korosteleva, professor of international policies, director of the Global Europe Centre at the University of Kent and author of the survey of Belarusians' attitudes towards the EU and its political projects concerning Belarus, and Alena Artsiomenka, analyst at the  Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS),  to talk about the survey findings and societal tendencies.

How have integration preferences of Belarusians fundamentally changed in 2016 compared to 2013 and 2009? What images do Belarusians associate with the EU and the EAEC? How have events in Ukraine influenced their European affections? Is it true that Belarusians will love the Union that will "give" or "pay" more to our country? Why does Belarus need a new partnership agreement with the EU and can it be compared with the Russian one? Watch the video below to learn the answers to these questions.