Social Entrepreneurship

Tue, 2017-06-13 11:00

Team "Angels' Wings", now taking part in the Biz4All Social Entrepreneurship Incubator programme organized with support from the European Union, was created two years ago by Dmitry Timashkou. He is the director of Angels' Wings team and brings up daughter Lilia with severe disability. In 2015, Dmitry took Lilia in a wheelchair to run the Minsk half-marathon for the first time. “

Mon, 2017-06-12 09:51

We continue to cover the ventures launched by participants of the Biz4all Social Entrepreneurship Incubator programme supported by the European Union. In this article we offer you to take a virtual tour of the training workshop of the social atelier “Silver Swan” in Brest, where hard-working seamstresses carefully create stylish and modern masterpieces from fabric. The social atelier was founded by Aksana Shirko in cooperation with Dubael Gildas, her friend and colleague from France.

Mon, 2017-06-12 09:41

Biz4all social entrepreneurship training programme, which is implemented by ODB Brussels within the framework of the Social Entrepreneurship Incubator with support from the European Union, has already launched many sustainable social initiatives. Today, there are 30 teams left in the programme, all of them solving social problems, such as employment of people with disabilities, conservation of the environment and sustainable development, preservation of culture, integration of children with special needs, and many others. The teams have participants from all over Belarus. Today we are covering Diana Sivitskaya, who lives and works in Minsk.

Tue, 2017-05-02 13:38

A number of master classes have been organized in Minsk for participants of the Biz4all social entrepreneurship programme within the framework of "Social Entrepreneurship Incubator". On April 22, participants heard from Viktar Velesnitsky, whose company collects used greenhouse film from residents of the Stolin region, and from Dmitry Klimkovich, who has organized courses for the elderly. Lawyer Vitaly Paulagradsky described some of the legal aspects you need to be aware of when you create your own company, while a business game allowed participants to tackles the urgent needs of their social enterprises.

Tue, 2017-05-02 13:31

“You think crowdfunding is fun? Well, think again. You’ll need to work hard and be prepared to receive mixed feedback”, says Maria Cheryakova, a social entrepreneur from the Netherlands and author of Heta Belarus Dzietka!" book. She spoke about organizing a successful crowdfunding campaign on April 23 in Minsk, when she held a master class for participants of Biz4All programme organized within the framework of the “Social Entrepreneurship Incubator”.

Fri, 2017-04-07 12:25

According to German philosopher Immanuel Kant, all human knowledge begins with intuitions, proceeds from thence to concepts, and ends with ideas. Participants of the summer training on social entrepreneurship for youth and teenagers "SEI Youth. My first business" started with ideas. With the help of coaches, last summer 30 schoolchildren from different cities of the country designed concept plans for six business ideas. Now, after six months, we decided to analyze what and how they have managed to implement.

Fri, 2017-03-31 08:17

In August of last year, Belarusian Youth Non-Governmental Organization "New Faces" and Belgian non-profit organization "ODB Brussels" organized the first social entrepreneurship training for young people and teenagers "SEI Youth: My First Business". The one-week course brought together thirty teenagers from Orsha, Pinsk, Mozyr and other Belarusian cities. In March 2017, they met again for a two-day training in Minsk.

Fri, 2017-03-03 05:17

On February 24, Orsha (Vitebsk region) hosted a round table on "The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development of Local Communities" within the framework of the II Belarusian Entrepreneurship Week.

The event was organized by Social Business Technologies in partnership with Vitebsk and Orsha entrepreneurship support centres, with important input of ODB Brussels.

Wed, 2017-02-22 19:13

“Out of ten start-ups, just one will succeed”, claims Marcellien Breedveld, a coach and independent consultant on lean start-ups, customer validation and business pitching. She came to Minsk from the Netherlands to take part in a training seminar within the framework of “Biz4all”, a social entrepreneurship program organized by ODB Brussels (Belgium) in partnership with the youth NGO "New Faces", helping prospective Belarusian social entrepreneurs increase their chances of success.

Wed, 2017-02-01 18:15

Cases and trends from crowdfunding platforms in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

On January 28, 2017, within the framework of the Social Innovation Forum in Minsk, experts from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus shared successful case studies of crowdfunding technologies, latest trends and examples of the developments in social entrepreneurship and innovation that happened with the help of crowdfunding. Discussions and exchange of experiences took place during a round table “Crowd technologies in Belarus and Eastern Europe: trends, approaches and indicators”. The Forum was initiated by  SOIN Social Innovation School in Eastern Europe, with support from the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and IBB Dortmund in cooperation with ODB Brussels.