Conference “Public Transport in the Republic of Belarus: Current State and Perspectives of Development ” Was Held in Minsk

On 4 October, the Second National Conference, entitled “Public Transport in the Republic of Belarus: current state and  perspectives of development ” took place in Minsk. The conference was held during the VI International Transport Congress on Transport and Logistics conducted by the Ministry of Transport and Communication.

More than 80 delegates from all six regions of the country  including representatives of the  local  authorities, transport companies and vehicle manufacturers joined the conference.  The event was also attended by guests from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Germany.

During the Conference more than 10 reports focusing on different aspects of public transportation ranging from the state policy to the challenges the local management of transport companies have to face in their everyday work were delivered.

Special attention was paid to the necessity of reforming the Belarusian legislation on passengers transportation.  In addressing this issue the experience of the foreign colleagues is very important.  Evgeniy Stolovizkiy, from the Lithuania National Road Carriers’ Association Linava, shared his experience in the reform of the transport system in Lithuania and spoke about the basic requirements of the EU legislation in the field of passengers' transportation.

With the Ice Hokey World Championship which is to take place in Minsk in 2014, the report by Nikolay Zhuk received a lot of attention.  The head of the Transport Management System and Communications of the City Council of Lviv reflected on the experience of a city that had to adjust its transport system for the Euro 2012 Football Championship. Mr. Zhuk discussed the measures that had been undertaken to optimize  the transport routes and integrated traffic management.

The conference led to a debate, during which the delegates could ask questions, share opinions about problems and perspectives of Belarusian transport system and receive advice from their colleagues. The organisers of the conference hope that events of this kind can create  the basis for widening of discussion about the development of the transport system in Belarus and for the involvement of the responsible for decision-making authorities into the process.

The Office for a Democratic Belarus (Brussels, Belgium) and the Office for European Expertise and Communication (Minsk, Belarus) were among the co-organisers of the event in the frames of the project “EU and Belarus: Sharing Knowledge”.


Translated from Russian by Vito Russi, the intern with the ODB