European Intercultural Festival. Day Three. 22 May 2013.

While the streets are washed with rain and the spring has reached it final days, the European Intercultural Festival is being held in Minsk. The third day of the festival in Minsk kicked off with the information session “Possibilities for implementing projects in the framework of the Youth Window of the Eastern Partnership” which was organised by the Directorate-General on Education and Culture of the European Commission. The audience learned about the programme “Youth in Action” and the possibilities available for Belarusians to implement projects in the framework of this programme. In addition, the moderators explained about the procedure of submitting project proposals of Belarusian organizations directly to the Directorate-General. After the presentation, Belarusian organizations “New face”, “Office for the promotion of initiatives”, “Fialta” and “Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs” told to the guests from Brussels about their successful projects in the framework of the programme “Youth in action”. Read more