Belarus Media News - January 28, 2009

Results-2008: 56 Official Warnings to Media Outlets

The Ministry of Information of Belarus issued 56 official warnings to media outlets and media workers in the year of 2008. One more periodical – “Vsio dla Vsech. Grodno” – was suspended from publishing for printing anecdotes with bad language. This information was leaked to the BAJ Press Service by Viktar Huretski, the Head of Sector on Media Registration and Execution of Law at the Ministry of Information of Belarus. 

To be compared: the Ministry of Information had issued 86 written warnings to 76 periodical editions in 2007. The activity of three periodicals was suspended for the term of three months.  

Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists

The National State TV and Radio Company’s Leadership Promises to Return Belarusian to the TV channels

Aleh Trusau, the Chair of Belarusian Language Society named after Francysk Skaryna had a meeting with Alaksandr Zimouski, the Head of the National State TV and Radio Company and agreed on broadening the use of Belarusian at the Belarusian channels on January 27, 2009. 

Agreement on five (simple) issues out of seven was achieved, Aleh Trusau reported to the BAJ Press Service. Among other, the sides agreed to start 10-15 minutes’ TV Program “Let’s Talk Belarusian”, round table discussions on the issue of saving the language etc. Foreign films will be dubbed into Belarusian in further perspective, A. Trusau edmphasized. 

Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists

PACE Traces Situation in the Belarus' Media Field

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly continues to follow the situation with media in Belarus, as a PACE sub-committee head on situation with media Andrew McIntosh noted during a meeting with the Belarus’ civil society representatives in Strasbourg on January 27, 2009. 

A BAJ representative Andrei Alaksandrau is presently at the meeting in Strasbourg upon invitation of Confederation of International Non-governmental organizations.

The BAJ representative noted among other that certain positive changes could be seen in the Belarus’ mass media field recently. However, he noted that they weren’t systematic and that further official policies should be strictly observed.

Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists

The “Clean By-Net” Campaign Started Officially in Minsk

Presentation of “Clean By-Net” public campaign took place during a round table discussion on the topic of “Self-regulation in By-Net”, held in Minsk International Educational Centre (IBB) on January 27, 2009.

“Clean By-Net” is a long-term campaign, aimed at encouraging the “informational” By-net creators to adhere to the ethic norms, accepted in the professional journalist environment, as well a to treat responsibly the work with information from outer sources. According to a press-release, distributed among the round table discussion participants, self-regulation of By-Net is set as the chief goal of the public campaign. It is expected that a special list of regulations on work with information in the By-Net will be elaborated due to the public campaign. 

It should be noted that the public campaign got initiated by the Belarusian Association of Journalists and the “Budzma” civil campaign. 

A special Web-site has been created in order to facilitate meeting the goals of “Clean By-Net” public campaign

Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists

Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists