The Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, in cooperation with the Brussels-based Office for Democratic Belarus, is happy to present its new policy proposal "What Eastern Partnership Should Bring to Belarus." This proposal is prepared in line with the request for opinions and proposals issued by the European Commission to civil society organizations with regard to the role of Civil Society Forum and the overall role of civil society in shaping the Eastern Partnership.

BISS-ODB proposals address the civil society issues but go further and discuss how the overall Eastern Partnership framework may be used to promote the societal transformation and Europeanization of Belarus. Among the key ideas of the proposal are:

  • Establishing a 'code of conduct' among the partner countries ensuring the free movement of peoples, ideas, and information between them;
  • Ensuring civil society participation in framing key Eastern Partnership projects and enabling a permanent platform for consultations and dialogue between government and civil society representatives;
  • Enhancing capacity building programs for civil society to ensure its active participation in framing Eastern Partnership programs;
  • Making visa facilitation agreements a technical rather than a political issue and establishing the goal of achieving free movement of people as absolute priority of Eastern partnership;
  • Developing and promoting 'breakthrough projects' for each individual partner country in the areas of economic development and energy security to strengthen their motivation for adapting European law and pursuing domestic reforms;
  • Appointing a coordinator in Brussels dealing exclusively with the EaP should facilitate the implementation of programmes.

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