Thu, 2006-02-02 22:00

1. The Parliamentary Assembly strongly condemns the undemocratic conduct of the presidential election of 19 March 2006 in Belarus as well as the wave of intimidation, violence and persecution that hit Belarusian democratic forces before, during and after the vote.

2. The Assembly recalls that, in its Resolution 1482 (2006) on the situation in Belarus on the eve of the presidential election, the Assembly affirmed that, in light of the situation in Belarus in the field of democracy, rule of law and human rights, there could not be any change in its policy towards the Belarusian regime and that the lifting of the suspension of special guest status for the Belarusian Parliament was not on the agenda.

Mon, 2006-01-30 22:00

Referring to its Resolution 1496 (2006) on Belarus in the aftermath of the presidential election of 19 March 2006, the Parliamentary Assembly invites the Committee of Ministers to hold a debate with the Assembly on the differences in the evaluation of the election in Belarus between different groups of observers.

Mon, 2006-01-02 22:00

1. The Parliamentary Assembly recalls that it has followed developments in Belarus since 1992, in connection with Belarus’s application for membership to the Council of Europe. It expresses, therefore, its strongest regret that Belarus, unlike all the other European countries, does not meet the conditions to be a member of the Council of Europe in terms of pluralist democracy, compliance with the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The responsibility for this state of affairs lies with the present regime.

Sun, 2005-01-02 22:00

1. The Parliamentary Assembly, referring to its Resolution 1463 (2005), invites the Committee of Ministers to express its support for the adoption, by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, of a binding international instrument for the protection of all persons from enforced disappearance.

Sun, 2004-02-29 22:00

1. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recalls that membership of the Council of Europe requires the commitment of a state to strive for greater European unity based on the common values shared by the family of democratic nations in Europe and enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights (ETS No. 5) and the other conventions and recommendations of the Council of Europe. Therefore, the authorities of each applicant state must show their willingness and capacity to adhere to these values and standards. One of the fundamental democratic rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights is the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

Fri, 2004-02-20 21:00

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe refers to its Resolution Resolution 1372 (2004) on the persecution of the press in the Republic of Belarus and recommends that the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe:

i. take into account this resolution when deciding on action concerning Belarus;

ii. forward this resolution to the governments of member states and Observer states and request them to support in their bilateral relations with Belarus the fulfilment of the catalogue of requirements contained in this resolution with regard to freedom of the media;

iii. encourage member states to provide objective and impartial broadcasting programmes and print and Internet publications aimed specifically at the Belarusian public.

Sun, 2004-02-15 22:00

1. The Parliamentary Assembly has been concerned for over two years by the disappearances of Yuri Zakharenko, former Minister of the Interior (disappeared on 7 May 1999), Victor Gonchar, former Vice-President of the Parliament of Belarus (disappeared on 16 September 1999), Anatoly Krasovski, businessman (disappeared at the same time as Mr Gonchar), and Dmitri Zavadski, cameraman for the Russian television channel ORT (disappeared on 7 July 2000).

Sat, 2004-01-31 22:00

1. The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 1371 (2004) on disappeared persons in Belarus, and recommends that the Committee of Ministers:

i. request the competent Belarusian authorities:

a. to launch a truly independent investigation into the above-mentioned disappearances by the competent national authorities, after the resignation of the current General Prosecutor, Mr Sheyman, who has been accused of having himself orchestrated the disappearances in his previous function, and to keep the families of the missing persons fully informed of the progress and results of this investigation;